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Technical Specifications (MM550)

Mahindra 550 XD

Mahindra MM 550 XD is a defence vehicle operating on a 4 cylindered in-line diesel XD3P engine with a capacity of 2498cc and a compression ratio of 23 : 1.

The vehicle has a thermostat controlled cooling system and a synchromesh gearbox with four forward and one reverse gear.

Mahindra MM 550 XD has a re-circulating ball type steering with a turning circle radius of 6.34 m.

The vehicle has a disc brake at front and a drum brake at the rear. The brakes are hydraulic with tandem master cylinder with vacuum assisted servo.

This model has a fuel tank capacity of 45 liters.

Featured Components

  • Speedometer (kms/hr)
  • Temperature and fuel gauges
  • Volt meter and Oil Pressure gauge
  • Light indicators for battery charging
  • High beam
  • Parking brake and turn signal light
  • Hazard warning switch

    Specifications of MM550




    4 Stroke : 4 Cylinder, Inline


    94 mm / 90 mm


    2498 cc

    Maximum Horse Power

    76 @ 4500 RPM (DIN70020)

    Maximum Torque

    15.3 kgm @ 2000 RPM (DIN70020)

    Fuel Injection System

    Distributor Pump

    Compression Ratio

    23 : 1

    Weight of engine (Dry)

    200 kg

    Cooling System

    By Belt driven Pump or Cylinder head. Thermostat controlled

    Clutch Type

    Single Dry Plate,diaphragm. 235 mm

    Transmission: Ratio

    Type: 4 speed, 2nd, 3rd and 4th synchromesh,floor shift

    1st gear 3.986 : 1

    12nd gear 2.368 : 1

    3rd gear 1.473 : 1

    4th gear 1.000 : 1

    Reverse 5.315 : 1

    Transfer Case (for 4WD only)

    Two Speed single shift lever provided on floor, Ratio : High 1:1, Low 2.46:1

    Transfer Case (for 4WD only)

    4WD : Full floating hypoid type. Ratio : 4.88 : 1 with free wheel hubs Capacity : 907 kg (For 2WD/4WD)

    Rear Axle Capacity

    Semi Floating Hypoid Type. Capacity : 1134 kgs. Ratio : 4.88 : 1: with limited slip differential


    Recirculating Ball Type(optional). Ratio. 20 :1

    Turning Circle radius

    6.34 m


    Service : Hydraulic with Tandem Master Cylinder with vacuum assisted servo. Front disc type Rear drum type(11” * 12 ”) HNSS Parking : Operates on rear service brakes Hand lever and cable type


    Front & Rear : Semi-elliptical lsprints with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers

    Wheels, Rims, Tyres

    Rim size : 16 x 4.5” Disc type . Tyres : 6.00 x 16.6 PR . Mud and Snow


    Ladder type with steel channel side members, four intermediate cross-members

    Electrical System

    12 Volt battery / 70 Amp.hr. Alternator 65 Amps


    Speedometer (kms./ hr). Temperature and fuel gauges. volmeter and Oil pressure gauge. Light indicators for battery charging, oil pressure, high beam, parking brake & turn signal light. Hazard warning switch

    Fuel Tank

    Capacity : 45 litres,electrical fuel guage

    Curb Weight

    1425 kgs with Army fitment


    1950 kg


    Edited on 08 November 2010 with inputs from Mr.Sudhir Kashyap on Facebook

    The last production for defence supply was in year 2006, for simple reason that the vehicle did not meet cmvr -emmision norms and therfore had to be discontinued
    The reason for this vehicle for army use was primarily an alternative to Earlier jongas, and whereever these vehicles performed they were literally an TORTISE… to move on to any difficult terrain.
    it was somewhere in UNMEE (united nations mission in Eritrea and Ethiopia )where these tough riders were being used in desert , and extreme conditions,with day time temprature ranging to 50degrees(BADA-) , i had the privelage as a invitee by the Indian forces for the establishment and training for repair maintainence of these small 4wds.
    These were a good competition to Land cruisers ,which were offcourse a comfort vehicle but did not dare into tough areas where these MM550XD, dared.


    Thanks a lot Sudhir sir for your inputs.

  • Regards Harjeev Singh Chadha

    1. December 22, 2011 at 10:18 AM

      Can you please tell me the track width of MM550? Thank You.

    2. george
      February 8, 2016 at 9:52 PM

      tahnk you very very much for this detailed info…..am so obsessed to get one of these can you please suggest me trusted dealer am from kerala and i have some contacts in amritsar who is offering me an mm550 restored with power steering,break clutch and all other modern comfort the price is 4 lacks ….is that a good price…is it possible for me to contact directly mi emil id is binu_nu2002@yahoo.com can i please please have your contact info.

      • February 9, 2016 at 8:46 AM

        Hi George, I’m pretty out of touch with the current prices of MM550’s but that said, 4.00 Lacs seems to be quite a high price for a MM550. But if its an NCGS which came after 2004 and very well restored, then it might make sense. But again, without looking at the vehicle, its difficult to even make an educated guess.
        My contact details are harjeev (dot) chadha (@) gmail (dot) com
        There are army disposables available in the scrap markets in Delhi but as I said, I have no idea on the current pricing scenario for the same.

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