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More Updated of my MM550

This following were uploaded on my thread at TeamBHP and I am reproducing it as it is.

This was checked up by a friend who is in the Indian Army and are his comments

Hi Harjeev,

The best part about your jeep is the history.

  • It is a class V jeep and hence it is free of any major accidents.
  • Secondly, the jeep has been used by service corps(not by fighting arms) and hence it has undergone very less abuse.
  • One can deduce that it will have less wobbling compared to others standing besides it.
  • The four wheel drive would have seldom been used. Better to have it checked for functionality,if not done so far.
  • The tailgate would have been rattling/cracked. That would need immidiate attention if not already fixed before its’ auction while it was in service.


Posted on 23rd December 2008

Restoration work started

Had a talk with my friend and he has completely striped the vehicle. He said over the phone that the engine is in a good shape as it was overhauled by the army in 2006 and a new engine head was added then. We would be needing to get the pistons re-sleeved. I don’t know what that implies??

I am going to the workshop today afternoon and will be getting a fair idea on the costs involved for the mechnicals and labour.

My current list is as follows

  • Complete overhaul of the Engine
  • Complete overhaul of the Transmission (gearbox, transfer case, front & rear diff,) basically everything mechanical
  • LSD’s in the front
  • Power steering
  • Change of the entire wiring
  • Checking the brakes, clutch, ignition for faults/ wear & tear
  • Change of front dashboard
  • Good soft top
  • Side door windows & front glass
  • Good tyres (thinking of NDMS)

This is a tentative list that i can think about. I would be having a much clear idea by the evening today abouit the cost aspects as there would be many small and big parts, changes that i would be needing to do/ buy.

Posted on 24th December 2008

Status on the restoration

I went to the workshop yesterday. The vehicle has been completely stripped. The engine, gearbox, Transfer case opened up. There was water in the gearbox when it was opened up. The front and rear differentials will be opened in a couple of days time.

  • The engine head is in a good shape. The vehicle was overhauled in May2006 and the a new engine head was added new back then. Will be adding new pistons & sleeves.
  • The fuel pump has been sent to the company for service & repair if any.
  • The gearbox has been opened up and all parts that even appear to be faulty or worn will be bought new and replaced.
  • The complete wiring will be changed.
  • I have decided to keep the leaf spring suspension as of now.Will be changing all the shocks absorbers.
  • Will not be getting it re-painted at present but would just put a cheap single coat of dark green paint to hide the army markings. A year or so later I would be getting a good paint job. As the body shell has been removed I would be getting anti rust treatment for the entire under body shell.
  • Power steering and maybe a tilt steering if we find one. The rubicon copy at the workshop has a tilt steering in it.
  • Conversion of rear axles to full floating and LSD in the front. these will be bought from mayapuri and we might get it cheap.

In about a week, my cousin will be able to give a a final estimate on the mechanical costs of the vehicle. Once I have that then I would start working on the cosmetic job for the XD.

All the above have been copied text to text from my thread on http://www.teambhp.com

My thoughts, belief, trust on people, etc have changed over time as and when I have gained more experience with regards to restoration of this vehicle

Will update the pictures in a couple of days time

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