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The day after I bought the CJ3B

The following was posted on my thread on TeamBHP on December 26, 2008 a day after I bought the jeep
I have started restoring the jeep on March 27, 2009 and henceforth will be updating this blog regularly

“Hey guy,
I did something crazy yesterday. After buying a an Army MM550 XD (which is still under restoration, check this thread Mahindra MM550 ) (Harjeev’s MM 550 XD – Army spec – Bought)just 10 days back, yesterday I bought myself a Christmas present

Yes a IInd Jeep in 2 weeks

This is a 1985 model CJ3B.
The body to me as a layman appears to be in good condition, The only thing I am worried it about the rust on the foot area on the floor. I think that this can be mended and will not cost alot. Can it be mended and how much should it cost to repair?
Another thing that I am concerned about is that the rear door which should open flat down, has been welded shut and does not open. Can this be restored to its original form? I mean that first the tyre should move sideways and then the rear door should come down and can be taken out if required??

Now I know that this vehicle is not in the pristine conditions and if I looked further I could have found better piece, but the kind of vehicles that I saw at Mayapuri and guys were asking 35-40 K, this looked good to me.

I have bought this with the intention of keeping it forever just like my other diesel MM550. I would for the time being keeping it in my garage after getting it registered and will start the restoration in 6 months time. Around the mid of 2009 or so.

I will like to get it restored on these lines Recoilless Jeep

The reason I want went ahead and bought it are

  • These CJ3B are no longer being made new
  • I ultimately in future wanted to own an authentic CJ3B
  • If I would have let it go, and started looking after 6-8 months for a CJ3B, chances are that I may not have found a 3B in this condition.
  • As these are not being made new it would keep becoming harder to get ones hands on authentic CJ3B’s that have not been butchered into converted diesels at places like Moga, Dabwali and Mayapuri.

Therefore I decided to go ahead and buy this jeep. The negotiations started at 75k and at the end I settled for 65k. I think that at the max I may have paid extra is 5-10K, which I am ok with, but atleast I now own a authentic Petrol CJ3B cheers:

The floor appears wet, as I have doused the jeep with a little diesel at places where it is rusted. Will this harm the vehicle in anyway.
Also as I have to store it any tips advise on storing a car for an extended period of time”

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