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Overhauling the CJ3B

After much thought and waiting I decided that I will send my CJ3B to Mayapuri and get the basic and necessary work done on it, to get the vehicle road worthy. SO towards the end of Maych, 09 after talking to the mechanic at Mayapuri (Hukum Singh), I arranged for a towing service to transfer the vehicle for Friday 27th March 2009.

So the vehicle was transported to Mayapuri and the work started on Friday.

I am fast forwarding to the day I got the delivery. For details of the work done, I have updated it on my thread on Team BHP pages 5 & 6.

I have copied the text from the above pages

Post on TeamBHP on 27th March, 2009
The mechanic was busy today and will start the work on the 3B tomorrow. He will then give me the estimate on the work to be done, cost etc. I will head to Mayapuri tomorrow afternoon after the OTR is over and then workout the rest of the details like hood, seats, etc. As I will be at the OTR it would be a nice opportunity to see the CJ3B;s there, take pictures and get ideas for my CJ3B. But I have decided not to to get it painted now and drive it just as it is.

Post on TeampBHP on 29th March, 2009

I went to Mayapuri yesterday, after the OTR.

  • The CJ3B was started!!!
  • The sound was, well… not what I would like to have on my CJ3B but was still not that bad too. I have decided to keep it as it. Not getting anything done on the engine, except for oil change, spark plug and wires etc.
  • There is no clutch system on the jeep. The mechanic said that it has been removed. So will be added new.
  • The brake system, will be overhauled.
  • The mechanic estimates that parts worth about 12-15 k will be required. This should everything. Lets see.
  • Labor charges 5k. The labor sound more, but he(mechanic) said that whether I get the engine overhaul done or not, the labor charge will be the same. The only difference the engine overhaul will make is the time and cost of parts. This if required, I will get done later and should cost be about 15-20k including labor. But now I am not touching the engine.
  • I am not touching the 3B for either the paint or the denting. I know if I try to get even the smallest thing done, it will slowly and gradually go keep on expanding.
  • The seats and hood should cost about 4K and 2k respectively.
  • The battery another 4k
  • Then comes the electrics, maybe 2k. Including backlights, bulbs, labor etc.
  • The tyres 6×16 NDMS maybe 10k
  • Misc 8k

I dont that that I have missed anything major. So this should come to about 50k. Then maybe later this year I will get on with the denting, painting which should be in the range of 15k-20k and another 20k for the engine overhaul, if required.

Update on the CJ3B on 6th April 2009
Quite a lot of work has been completed. I could not update as was not feeling quite well. The pictures that I have uploaded in this post are quite a number of days old.

  • The gearbox has been overhauled.
  • The petrol tank will be put in new
  • I have bought new tyres. (Still have to collect them from the shop though)
  • Bought rhino hooks and front clamps
  • Bought the front driver seat (original off an Army disposal vehicle)
  • Have ordered a new seat for the back
  • Getting all the seats remade with padding and all
  • New soft top
  • Bought an original rear tail gate complete with original clamps annd tyre mount

This is a gist of the work done or will be done. I have no idea that I have paid more or less for the original stuff that I have bought. Its just that all the stuff that I have bought is original and I am happy at that. Even if I end up spending 5-10k more on the original stuff, I am still happy about it In the attached pictures you will see that the engine is not mounted on the chassis. But at present it back on the chassis with the gearbox and transfer case etc Today I have found a new shop in Mayapuri who has all the original stuff and that too for quite a decent price.

Update on 8th April 2009
I went to Mayapuri today evening. The jobs/status so far is

  • Mechanically the vehicle is complete
  • the petrol tank has still not arrived. Is expected tomorrow
  • I have finalised with the electrician and he will start and finish the job tomorrow. The complete wiring harness will be put new
  • The rear seat has been made and delivered to the fabricator
  • New meter and gauge will be bought as the speedo is not original
  • The denter should finish the job tomorrow (he has to fix the steel bars for the hood, front rhino hook and D hooks) and some other small small jobs
  • The suspension job will be done day after. I will just get the leaf’s recalibrated for now. But if the shocks are an issue wiill change all of them too.
  • I will be buying a refurbished alternator as the one in the 3B is not in a good condition.

This is basically the gist of the progress. Will keep updating as and when the work progresses.
So basically if the fuel tank arrives on time I shouuld have the 3B in a couple of days. max by monday as I am not in delhi on friday and saturday, and sundays Mayapuri is closed. So monday it is.

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