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CJ3B goes for the 1st OTR

Hey Guys
I took the 3B for its 1st OTR on the 6th of May09.
It was good fun but as the OTR started very late I couldn’t really experiment and get to know the capabilities of my jeep.

Some of the issues that I have faced or am facing are and changes done to the vehicle

  • I have added spark plug adapters. As The vehicle is giving alot of white smoke, I thought that this would be a good solution for the time being.
  • I have decided to change the engine rings and this will be done next week.
  • The status of the heating issue is such like on my way to Gurgaon for the OTR the temperature went up to almost 110 degrees. All this while I was driving at speeds of 60-65 km/hr. But on the way back I drove around 40 ish and the temperature dint go above 80. So is driving slow the solution? The only issue is that it becomes very boring when you are alone and the road in front of you is totally empty. But I am told that once I change the rings I might be able to drive at a little higher speeds.
  • The electric pump that I am using is a local make and I am changing that to UCAL electric pump.
    As I am sending the vehicle to the mechanic on Monday, I am changing the complete fuel system. Also I have decided to place the electric fuel pump next to the fuel tank itself. The carburetor will also be overhauled along with the rest of the work.
  • I have also decided to change the manual fuel pump too. The problem is that UCAL is not available and the one available is PICKO or something like that.
  • Last week I had an issue. The oil from the oil filter completely leaked from the jeep. This happened after I started the jeep after 5 days and took one round of my colony at very high revs. This actually happened the 2nd time. So upon discussion with the mechanic he concluded that the oil pressure is too high and he adjusted it. So now on ‘idle’ the oil pressure remains around ‘1’ and the max it goes to is ‘4’.Earlier on Idle it used to remain around 4 and upon very low revs used to go to the MAX 7!!!
  • Many a times, but not always the 4×4 High–Neutral–Low lever slips to Neutral. Also this happens more on high revs and really becomes an issue when off-roading. But When I am on 4×4 low its never slips back to Neutral

So this is the gist of what I am planning to do now. All suggestion/ comments are welcome!!!

Here are some pics of my CJ3B and of OTR
Randeep & Naveen


Another picture

The night sky

The feast 😉

My CJ3B royally stuck

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