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I take the CJ3B for another OTR (off the road)….

Hey Guys

Its been a long time since I updated this thread. Barring some petty issues not much has happened since my last update!!!

I took the CJ3B for another OTR on the 21st of June 2009. It was actually a recce off the Bherampur track(not sure whether its Bherambur or Badshapur, I always get confused between the two But this is the track where we take a left from Haldiram on the NH8). Found a really nice extension of the track and this is where we are planning the forthcoming OTR on July 19th. We guys started early in the morning around 6 and were finished around noon!!!

The CJ3B preformed wonderfully never letting me down. Managed to do all the obstacles with relative ease.
I got a flat tyre. Driver side front!!! I guess I dint get them checked after the Faridabad OTR and went to another OTR after that with just topping up the air pressure. So Changed the tyre. A while later Amit’s jeep also had a flat. His 540 was also there at the Faridabad OTR. Now we were 3 jeeps with only 1 spare tyre to go. Luckily the tyres on all were NDMS 6 X 16’s.
We decided that if we get another flat, we’ll head back home as there’s no point taking unnecessary risk’s.

Just before we were leaving, checked up on the water level and just about less than half a pint was added to the radiator. The outside temperature must have been about 44 degrees but felt much more. It was Very Very HOT. The temp gauge was constantly at 60-65 degrees, occasionally rising upto 80 when were driving slowly or were stationary.
This I perfect I guess??? I can now say that the heating issue is resolved for good!!!

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