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Is it Hindustan or Hindoostan, you decide…

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A request to everyone who share their ancestral origin not from India but Hindustan or I should say Hindoostan, as this is what it was called way back in 1831,

please see the enclosed video clip…


 Credit for the video goes to TheVinayKumarSingh 


After viewing the above clip I did a small search and came across the following picture of Hindoostan

Hindustan Hindoostan map 1831

Hindustan map, 1831

Photo sourced from wikipedia and provided by Anthony Finley from the David Rumsey Collection of Historic Maps (as on 28th September 2010)

For a bigger version of the picture please visit Hindoostan Map

Also on Wikipedia I came across the following write-up

Credit for the following again goes to Wikipedia.org

“Hindustan (Hindi: हिन्दुस्तान, Urdu: ہندوستان, both Hindustān [ɦɪndʊˈstaːn]) "Land of River Sindhu (Indus)", is one of the popular names of South Asia. Though the meaning of Hindustan has evolved over the years, after the partition of India it primarily refers to the Republic of India.”


“Hindustan is derived from the Persian word Hindu, which is itself is derived from Sindhu, the original Sanskrit name of Indus River. Sindhu is a river in Sanskrit, in Persian it becomes Hindu.[2] This together with a popular suffix -stān (Sanskrit `Sthānam’, Old Persian ‘sthāna’, meaning place) [3][4] gave birth to the word Hindustan, which was rendered as Hindustan.[5] In modern Persian, either Hind or Hindustan may be used to refer to India.”

More info can be found by visiting this link here

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