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More on the TLC- FZJ80

Again this post is in the words of my dear friend Neeloy Sarkar who after my constant insistence has finally agreed to pen his thoughts on his TLC. Please let me clarify again this this is not my Cruiser. I have a similar one(HDJ80) and will start sharing the buying and ownership experience in the near future.



The Land Cruiser in its raw form….the way I got it from the Embassy. This was immediately after I had picked up the vehicle and headed straight for the hills. It’s a tradition I’ve followed with all the 12 vehicles that I’ve bought so far and I think it’s the best way to build confidence with your vehicle. Check out the rims.

Neeloy FZJ80 Mukteshwar


One of the first changes done was the alloy rims and new tyres (Bridstone Duellers A/T 275/70 R16). The driving bug had got stronger, more so because the FJ was a killer on the highway…and it was a thrill pushing it to the 160 km/h and feeling as if the vehicle’s doing 80-100. The manager at Nalagarh Fort Resort mentioned there’s a run down fort further up in the hills….since we had an SUV, he recommended we give it a try. An ofcourse we did…the approach road was bad and the climb was not too steep, but once we reached the top, the views were breathtaking.

Neeloy FZJ80 Nalagarh

Here’s another picture of the Cruiser near Nalagarh fort.

Neeloy FZJ80 Nalagarh1


Fitted in the CNG kit and then started the quest for looking at cities that have CNG…..the idea was to look at a tank up option place and then proceed in CNG as far as we could go. I found out that Agra has a good network of CNG pumps, driven by the fact that they don’t allow gasoline or diesel vehicles around the Taj to protect the heritage monument. Started scouting for cities/tourist destinations around Agra. Narrowed down on Gwalior for 2 reasons – the splendid Gwalior Fort (check out the pic of the Saas Bahu temple inside the fort) and that fact that we need to drive through the Chambal ravines to reach there (had read a lot about it, so decided its time to check it out).

Neeloy FZJ80 Gwalior Fort


This was the 2nd trip with CNG…we got info that CNG is available in Jaipur, so one fine evening, I, my wife and 2 other friends planned to do a tiger safari. With a tank full I reached Jaipur only to realize that there’s no CNG in Jaipur, only LPG is available there. It didn’t dampen our spirits and we continued to drive to Ranthambore. One of my sister’s school friend owns Ranthambore Bagh, it’s one of the oldest class hotels in the area and over drinks in the evening Aditya Singh (owner of Ranthambore Bagh) said “Get me a Land Cruiser FJ 80”. In due course I realized that’s the most common line that I would hear from people I met…more reasons for me to adore this “not-so-gentle giant”.

Neeloy FZJ80 Ranthambore

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