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4guna4 – A Photologue-II – Nature Trail

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Continuing the previous post, from the meetup point at leisure valley we headed through Gurgaon to the Behrampur Trail. As we guys had done countless OTR’s at this trail, I was thinking that accha to thik hai, aisa bhi kaya different hooga (Its ok, we’ve been here countless times, what would be so different this time). But I wasn’t more wrong. I guess that doing the same obstacle again is ok, but doing the same obstacle with this thought floating in your mind that the other competitors would be a couple of seconds ahead of you, or if you hurry up a little you could just gain that crucial couple of seconds that matter in the end. Will this changes the whole equation.

I guess that this is was Time, Speed & Distance (TSD) is all about. Not breaking you vehicle, and still trying to keep ahead of competition at all times.

So continuing with the story, When we reached the trail the participants were allowed a walk through through the trail. So here are a couple of pictures and a video of us inspecting the trail

Walking the track and in the meantime the officials were also marking the path to be taken by the competitors (the yellow ribbon in the back ground)


Our very own Laxman Vishwanathan, addressed by all of us as SLS (Sardar Laxman Singh) trying his hands, actually his 4×4, on the trail

Some more pics



Shashank, Adi & AnuIMG_4369

Same order as above with the addition of Rahul at the extreme right

Some pictures of the BUSHRANGER being driven by Ashish Bhatia


IMG_4370 IMG_4371

The point where I was standing was at the end point of the trail. Now to think of it, I wished that I had created a GPS track of the trail and posted it here. This way it would have been a lot easier to explain the track. Anyways I would try next time.

Here are a couple of videos from the end point capturing the participants negotiating the last obstacle.

I am really sorry I do not remember the name of the participant.

If you are reading this, please mail me and I will edit the post

Randeep Singh in his gypsy

Arjun Khanna at the start of the first obstacle. Looking at this picture I cant comment, what is bigger the size of the tyres or his biceps


This is after finishing the first obstacle


The 1st Obstacle was completed fastest by Bobbie Bhogal co-driver Shammi Chadha with a lap time of 1 minute and 30 seconds in a CJ3B powered by a 1.8 Petrol Isuzu Engine


From here on we headed out to the second obstacle. Here too we guys were allowed a customary walk through through the track. This involved crossing the lake for a couple of hundred meters and then navigating through thick undergrowth and finishing the obstacle trying to save your vehicle from huge big boulders.



Competitors after finishing the course, comparing their lap times and discussing…well cars, jeeps, vehicles, what would have been the best way to negotiate the challenge


From left (Anu Roy, Rahul Roy, Ashish Bhatia, Behind Ashish Shashank Sekhar, Philip with his back to the camera, Arjun Khanna (no need to identify him just look for the guy with the biggest biceps :-))

I am again sorry I do not remember the name of the guy extreme right. Please mail me and I will edit the picture

Another picture. Standing position is the same as above


Some videos of the above lake obstacle. Again as I was at the exit, I do not have any videos of pics of vehicles crossing the lake


Arjun in his Zuk

Dhruv in his Gypsy

Rahul Roy in his Force Gurkha


The 2nd Obstacle was a tie between Ashish Bhatia co-driver Harjeev Chadha and Rahul Roy co-driver Anu Roy with a lap time of 1 minute and 15 seconds in a 1.3 Maruti Gypsy and a Force Motors Gurkha respectively.

So after finishing the trail we were headed out back to Leisure Valley to complete the Man Made Trail.  Enroute we met with the SUV group trying their hands at the SUV obstacle

Some pictures



 IMG_4389IMG_4390 IMG_4388

The time now was 30 minutes past 12 we proceeded our way to the start-up point. I was thinking that this was it and it had been so much fun, but the real thing was yet to come-up.

Please remain tuned in for the next update

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