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Toyota Land Cruiser – Buying process

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Continued from this previous post 

Anyways as I said that I was waiting for TRAMWAY’s call and was high with anticipation. The phone rings and I am please to see TRAMWAYS name. He tells me

Harjeev you are a very lucky guy!!!


My excitement builds up and over the conversation I learn that…


the vehicle is still not sold and is in an extremely good condition. Further I think that the gods were in a mood to listen to all my prayers that day it turned out that TRAMWAY knew the owner well. So over the course of next couple of hours I had a very detailed conversation with the owner, REDONE, who I’d say was one of the most patient guys I’d ever spoken too. He answered all my queries some of them now that I think were quite weird, but it was a big decision that I was taking.
To cut a long story short I think that before lunch that day 28th of August 2010

  • Booked my air tickets,
  • Taken prints of the essential paperwork (Form No 28, 29, 30, Delivery note, Payment receipt, etc (thanks to teambhp everything that I needed was on the threads)),
  • Purchased the Demand drafts.

What followed was a very sleepless night or I should say no sleep night.

 RedOne FJ80 lc80fqtr2 RedOne FJ80 lc80front

    Picture credits: Owner Redone; Downloaded from Teambhp Classified

Next morning (Sunday 29th August 2010) flight was Kingfisher Delhi-Bangalore departure @ 620am so I was at the airport at 5.15ish and reached BLR around 8:45am. Very surprisingly the flight was around 30-40 mins before the scheduled arrival time. Took a taxi and reached Santosh’s home.
Another thing that deserves a special mention is that TRAMWAY is one of the best friends that I’ve made on this forum. What else would prompt a guy to drive all the way from Chennai to Hosur park his jeep there and then take a bus to Bangalore. Just did a google search and the drive is like 350kms!!! My gosh thats quite a lot.
Second is SANTOSH another fellow Team-bhpian whom too I’d met for the first time and was with us throughout the day. I effectively ended up ruining there complete holiday 😉
Third is my cousin RANBIR who is studying near Benguluru around Housr. He too was very kind enough to come and join us.
And forth and foremost if it wasn’t for RENEGADE I would have never ever started dreaming of TLCs in the first place and would still be driving the vehicles that I’d owned in the past couple of years. Thanks again buddy.
And then there is my friend Neeloy Sarkar. I am not sure whether he’s there on the forum or not, but this guy was my fall back for everything. Any issue I had, without thinking next thing I knew I was calling him to clarify the details.
Guys I really thank all off you for taking the time out and coming to help and support me. Thanks a lot.
We reached REDONE’s home and there she was. The vehicle was as it was depicted in the pictures, but only better. Or I should say that the pictures did not do justice to the vehicle.
Here are some pics that I’ve downloaded from the advertisement. The copyright is REDONE’s
Name:  RedOne FJ80 lc80front.JPG
Views: 5345
Size:  96.8 KB
Name:  RedOne FJ80 lc80fqtr2.jpg
Views: 5333
Size:  62.5 KB

We took the vehicle for a spin enjoyed it immensely. I was actually driving a Toyota Land Cruiser 4.2 TCD HDJ80 for the first time in my life so didn’t know what to expect, but still had a great time
I immensely liked the vehicle and I should say that for a 13 & 1/2 year old vehicle it was very well maintained. Thanks again REDONE for taking care of it.
Now all things said the timeline was as follows. (I have taken approximate timings)
9am: Land in BLR
1030am: Reach Santosh’s House (GOD!!! for the Banguluru Traffic, even 1 minute was like an hour)
11AM-12PM: Depart for REDONE’s House and reach there
12PM-1.30PM: Do the test drive and all, finalise the details and Guys I become the proud owner of a

December 1996 4200 cc Turbo Charged Diesel ‘Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80/81’

I never anticipated that it would be so quick and smooth and within a little more than 24 hours of having a look at the advertisement I would actually have the keys of the vehicle of my dreams in my hand.
Will update the rest of the details later in the day with pics and all and how I embarked on the longest solo trip of my life till date…

  1. November 17, 2010 at 2:29 AM

    Congratulations Harjeev, Land cruiser is a fantastic vehicle. I can’t think on anything’s better.

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