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Slush Fest: NIOC OTR at DND 17th Nov 2010 – Part I

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As the 17th of November 2010 was a holiday due to Id, so some of us from the NIOC gang thought lets get together and go for some off-roading. Having heard lots about the river bank around the DND Expressway (Delhi-Noida-Delhi Expressway) but never been at this track, this place was chosen for the the days excursion. 

Being a holiday we guys took it easy and started the OTR around 11am ish.

 OTR 2010  November 17 DND8

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Following is the line up of the the vehicles, well BEFORE GETTING DIRTY…




From Left to Right

(Aman Alluwalia’s MG416, Abhey Thereja’s MG413, Parneet Singh’s MG413, Harjeev Singh Chadha’s CJ3B & Dhruv Batra’s MG413)

Not in the above picture is Rahul Roy’s Gurkha as he was running a little late and joined us later

Aman’s son Ronnie posing happily.


Some pictures of us coming down the 1st decline

OTR 2010  November 17 DND

And here’s a video of the same obstacle,

Seen in the following videos is 1st Aman, then Parneet and the last is Abhey all in their Gypsys



On the left is Aman’s son, Ronnie who was always happy to pose for the camera and onto the right is Samarth or as many might know his as Captian,  he having observed something and is pointing towards it

OTR 2010  November 17 DND1


Having driven through the pond of water laced with moss, I brought back some souvenirs and so did Rahul in his Gurkha who’d joined us by this time.



Couple of videos of the Rally prepped Gypsy’s enjoying themselves


Here are a some more shots from different angles

OTR 2010  November 17 DND2

 OTR 2010  November 17 DND3


OTR 2010  November 17 DND4 

The following video was captured by Rahul Roy and I have taken the link from this website 4wd4all.

Credit to the respective owner



OTR 2010  November 17 DND5  OTR 2010  November 17 DND7

In the following video Aman can be seen practicing his hands at another sport, What are you aiming at Aman?  Javelin  throwing competition maybe!!!

But he was actually guiding Abhey from where to cross the pond,

In the following video, Abhey crosses the pond in a MG413 followed by Samarth in the Gurkha and then Aman again in the Gypsy



The following is another video of me in my CJ3B crossing the pond. This was again captured by Rahul Roy and I have taken the link for the video from this website 4wd4all

Credit to the respective owner


With this we come to the end of part I

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