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Bengaluru to Delhi:Trip Log- Day I (part 1)

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After the deal later that day, 28th August 2010

Continuing with my experience, after having purchased the vehicle we roamed around in Bangalore for sometime. We guys had lunch and then Siva and Ranbir had to leave for Chennai and Housr so they bid farewell and I too was tired from the activities of the day decided to retire for the night at a hotel. Here again I owe a big thanks to Santosh, as he was kind enough to help me checkin into a hotel. It was a basic hotel and as I just wanted a place to crash for the night I took it. Was in bed by 8pm but sleep came around only by 10ish.
Here I take a moment to judge and observe the human mind. Our minds are set at solving the immediate task at hand. Just 24 hours before on the night of 28th August 2010 I was wondering whether I would get the deal or not so all thoughts were geared towards that and today (29th August 2010) having closed the deal, now my mind is now totally focused on the big task ahead.


The long & solo drive from Bangalore to Delhi some 2500 odd KMS!!!

 Collage Image00001

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29th August 2010

I get up and am out of the hotel and on the road by 4AM. Here too Santosh had guided me to take the NICE Road out of Bangalore and in a little while I start the biggest and longest solo drive of my life. The start is good and in about 30-40 minutes or so I am on NICE road. Well lets say the NICE road is really nice.
I would also like to mention that as I was driving alone I have just approx timings and have just managed to note the start and end point, time, etc. Also as this is not a travelogue I only managed to take some pictures on the way.

Here are some pictures en-route
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-1.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-2.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-5.jpg
Stopped at a small roadside convenience store. Had to purchase some batteries for my GPS

Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-6.jpg
Some more pics en route. I am not sure what place is this, but the roads were fantastic.
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-7.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-9.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-10.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-11.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-12.jpg
Here come the windmills, Now I wish that I should have stopped more at these locations and taken more pictures…

This always happens with me whenever I am travelling. I always wish to take more pictures but somehow each and every time I shy away thinking that if I get down I would waste time and get delayed but always repent later. Now I feel that 10 minutes at this location wouldn’t have had made any difference but I would have cherished the pictures that I’d taken for a long time to come. Anyways this is how I guess we guys learn. I think patience is the key here…

Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-13.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-14.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-17.jpg
The following pit stop was 25kms after crossing Davangree towards Haveri
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-19.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-20.jpg
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-18.jpg

Now, when someone’s traveling in a vehicle that is old by manufacturing year criteria but new by ownership standards, how would a travel be exciting and memorable without any hiccups on the way…
Till next time…
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-day-1-blr-pune-21.jpg
any guesses…

Collage Image00001

  1. H V Kumar
    January 24, 2011 at 9:45 AM

    What problem did you encounter en route that meant you had to get the small-time mechanics to probe under the hood?

  1. January 30, 2011 at 7:11 PM

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