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Bengaluru to Delhi : Trip Log- Day II – Pune to ???

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Day II
31st August 2010
Today I decided to treat myself and instead of setting the alarm for 4 I set the alarm for a little later and was out of the hotel by 530 and on the Mumbai Pune expressway.
Now let me warn everybody that the initial enthusiasm was dying down a little so the pictures will be a little less. Anyways I crossed the Pune Mumbai expressway and the moment I entered Mumbai my navigation skill went for a toss. I am not sure where I made a mistake and still cannot recall the name of those part of the towns but I think that I entered Mumbai around 8 and left Mumbai Ghodbander (I hope I have the name of the area correct) around 1130ish. So 3 hours and 30 minutes. But hey as this was my first time driving in Mumbai I guess that it was OK. During this time I could hear that a couple of flights also got delayed due to the heavy rains that lashed Mumbai during that day. So I guess that its just one of those day. Also I filled up the tank I think 80 liters of diesel only to see later that diesel is a little cheaper in Gujarat than Mumbai.


I do not know what wrong turn I took, here is a detailed GPS track of the route that I took while entering and leaving Mumbai


20100831 Mumbai to Navsari GPS Track on Google Maps Got stuck

And here is the GPS track from the moment I entered Thane till I exited Mumbai

20100831 Mumbai to Navsari GPS Track on Google Maps


Anyways after leaving Mumbai the scenery was fantastic but again I couldn’t take any pictures as it was raining quite heavily but still loved the drive and thought that its nice to be on the open highway now, only to be disappointed later.
The road till Vapi, Gujarat was pathetic and full of potholes and stuff. And the places where there were not potholes, numerous traffic jams were there caused due to diversions that were put there due to the construction activity of flyovers going on.
Cleared the Vapi route around 2pm ish, I remember as I stopped for a bite at McDonalds and left that place around 2-215pm ish. After that barring a couple of diversions the roads were quite good and I thought that if the rains stopped and the roads were even a little better that what I traversed in the 1st half of the day I could make up good time.

Now after I left McDonalds I could feel the vehicle wobbling and like something not being normal. But I carried on for an hour and a half.

Now when the 1st day had a level of excitement and surprises how come the second day be without any surprises. It so happened that when I was clearing a very bad potholed road which was about 10 odd kms before Navsari I heard the sound like when you hear the tube punctures. I thought that I had a flat but hey I am on tubeless and they do not puncture like tube tyres.
Parked the car on the side and not to forget that

  • it was raining like crazy
  • I was without any rain coats,
  • Had all the cash on me, etc

I get out an see the rear right tyre completely flat. And it was not a puncture but the tyre had burst and the wires had come out. Thanks god for I was not driving fast and was quite slow otherwise who knows what could have happened. Also I was thanking my stars that SREE (the previous owner) explained to me how to lower down the spare tyre from the vehicle, where the tools, jack etc are placed in the vehicle. Thanks a lot sir for that.
Some pictures of the tyre

Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-101-day-2-pune-surat-1.jpg
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-102-day-2-pune-surat-4.jpg
The story does not end here. I lowered the spare and was thinking in my mind that ‘chalo, this is just a small hiccup and the max I would waste is 15-30 minutes changing the tyre and then buy a new tyre from Surat the next nearest town.
As I lowered the spare and the moment I lifted it



There was a small factory a nearby. I walked into it and asked if there was a tyrewala nearby and he said that there is one about 200-300 meters from where my vehicle was parked.
Then I again came back to the vehicle and thought that I cant leave the flat spare tyre on the road, what if someone would take it, so again raised it, locked the car and set out on foot towards the tyre wala. Reached there and there was not light. Requested him to come with me and help. He said that he will not and I would have to get the tyre at his shop. I didn’t argue. Went back to the vehicle, got the tyre and started rolling it on the highway against the oncoming traffic. All this while it was raining like crazy and having kept my cellphone, wallet, cash, etc in a plastic pouch in my pocket, I stopped worrying about getting wet, as after sometime one tends to focus on the bigger issue at hand. Not to mention the road was full of potholes and remember I said that it was raining so I was occasionally splashed with water as the vehicles were driving at great speeds.

Anyways managed to get the tyre at the shop and it turned out that there was no air in it, it wasn’t a puncture. Also the tyre guy didn’t charge me anything and said that I should fit it and check whether it was ok. Rolled it back and decided that I should pay something to the shop owner. Thank god I did and came back.
It turned out that as I went there and requested the tyrewala to check the air in all the 4 tyres, as he was doing so he heard that air was leaking from the spare tyre that I had just put. I was again thanking my stars.
Finally he took off the tyre and checked it again. What did happen was due to the tyre being flat small small pebbles were stuck between the rim and the tyre and this was the reason the air was escaping. The tyre was then deflated so that it could be cleaned. Now the tyre was go big that this guy couldn’t take the tyre out but anyways finished the job. Checkout the following picture
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-106-day-2-pune-surat-6.jpg

Now this sorted out I couldn’t drive without a spare. I learnt that there is a big tyre shop down the road and I should be able to get a spare. The same size he was not sure.
As it turned out that the max size the shop had was 235/70/R16. I guess that this is the standard size for a Scorpio and Safari, etc. So having no other option, I bought the odd size and mounted it as a spare. Now the tyre was small compared to the rim width, so I had to buy the tube too. Cost me 7500 buck. I know I was getting ripped off but what could I have done.

Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-103-day-2-pune-surat-6.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-104-day-2-pune-surat-10.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-105-day-2-pune-surat-11.jpg
The time now was 8pm ish and the shop owner told me that there is this good hotel down the road and I camped there for the night.
The food at the place was fantastic and I ate my fill and in no time I crashed for the night just wondering what was in store for tomorrow drive.

The Days Detail (there are from My GPS and are accurate)

PUNE TO NAVSARI (40-50 kms before SURAT)
(Looks like a joke)

  1. H V Kumar
    February 3, 2011 at 8:58 AM

    I wish you had called me, I would have guided you through Bombay-Thane. Checking your GPS tracks, you seem to have gone the right way except that you went into Thane city, which you could have avoided by turning off through the Airoli Bridge onto the Eastern Expressway. During midday time, you should not take more than 1.30 hrs from end of Pune expressway to Ghodbunder which is NH8.

    I suspect the tyre burst because it was over-inflated. Did you check air pressure anytime before that. I have a strict policy never to check air pressure on the move because the tyres are already heated up and that always gives you over-inflation of the tyres. Hence, if I have to fill up, I do it when the tyres are at ambient temperature. Moreover, almost all the highway and non-automatic air pumps are wrongly calibrated and invariably, I have found that the guys over-inflate the tyre although the gauge shows much less. You were very lucky, please do not ever refill air on the highway. Believe me, I go on long 10/15 day trips and never even touch the tyre unless I detect some unusual loss of pressure.

    Spare tyres always lose air over time. I always check air pressure on spares before I set off on a drive. Moreover, I keep a tube inside (the tubeless tyres) always since I find that the rims tend to rust over time and let in air through the gaps. Therefore, my spare tyre permanently has a tube inside it.

    • Harjeev Singh Chadha
      February 4, 2011 at 10:00 AM

      HV Kumar Sir,
      Next time whenever I am on any outstation trip and am confused you can surely start expecting calls from me (till the time you tell me , bas bar yaar) 😀 Just kiddin. I would have called sir, But I didn’t have your number earlier. Now I do and have saved it. Thanks

      I didn’t get the air pressure checked, infact I didn’t check it at all, even before embarking on this trip. I think this was the reason for the unfortunate event. Now I have made it a policy to get the air checked on all the tyres prior to any highway trip I embark.

      Will keep that in mind and do it at the earliest.
      So you have a spare tyre that is tubed and also carry a spare tube at the same time. Thats a very valuable tip.
      Thanks again

  2. H V Kumar
    February 3, 2011 at 9:08 AM

    Diesel is cheaper in Maharashtra vis-a-vis Gujarat. You may have paid more because you may have refilled at one of the Bombay or Thane city pumps which bear high taxes compared with the highway ones.

    Rajasthan is cheaper than GJ and Haryana is cheaper than RJ!

    Therefore, if I am driving to Delhi from Bombay, I plan my refuelling as follows:

    1 – Bombay city
    2 – Baroda bypass/Ahmedabad expressway
    3 – Rajasthan border/Udaipur
    4 – Kishangarh/Jaipur expressway
    5 – Manesar/Gurgaon

    • Harjeev Singh Chadha
      February 4, 2011 at 11:05 AM

      Thanks for the tip sir. Will keep it in mind and this would tend to come in handy in my future trips.

  3. June 6, 2012 at 11:04 AM

    I experimented with taking a look at your site with my mobile phone and the layout does not seem to be correct. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most mobile phone layouts are not working with your web page.

    • Harjeev Singh Chadha
      June 6, 2012 at 12:31 PM

      Dear Saveria, thanks a lot for your feedback. I’ve just checked the blog on my mobile phone and the mobile theme seems to be working quite ok. I have enclosed a print screen of the loaded page for your reference.

      Regards Harjeev Singh Chadha

  4. June 22, 2012 at 12:48 AM

    I love that blog layout . How was it made? It is very sweet.

  5. Harjeev Singh Chadha
    June 23, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    Thanks. This a free theme/ template offered by WordPress.com. The name of the theme is ‘Theme: INove by NeoEase.’

  6. account
    June 24, 2012 at 3:11 AM

    Just to let you know your web site looks a little bit different on Firefox on my netbook using Linux .

  7. June 27, 2012 at 11:59 AM

    It looks to me that this website doesnt load on a Motorola Droid. Are other people having the exact same problem? I enjoy this webpage and dont want to have to skip it when Im gone from my computer.

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