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Bengaluru to Delhi:Trip Log- Day I (Part 2)

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Bengaluru to Delhi:Trip Log- Day I (part 1)

Drive from Bangalore to Pune

This was the culprit for the breakdown and in the subsequent pictures the mechanic can be seen removing the faulty part from the engine bay. 


Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-101-culprit-day-1-blr-pune-43.jpg

Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-102-day-1-blr-pune-22.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-103-day-1-blr-pune-23.jpg
As can be seen from the 1st picture 1 belt was in an ok condition but the second one was in a pretty bad shape and the 3rd one was broken in two

Anyways at first I had difficulty in finding a mechanic in the middle of no where but luckily there were a couple of truck repair shops in the vicinity of the breakdown. I requested them to help and the plain reply was that "If its a Diesel I would help but I wouldn’t touch a petrol" I didn’t understand the reasoning behind the logic, but dint ask and was thanking my stars that I’d bought a diesel vehicle. He also said that he would have to go to the nearby town some 20-25 kms away and scout for the the belts. I was worrying that he might not find the original sizes, but he was pretty confident that there would be belts of similar sizes available. So I gave him a 500 rupee note and he was off on his bike.

As I had to wile away time, I spent time befriending the locals, buying everyone rounds of tea and sipping tea myself.

Some pictures
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-201-day-1-blr-pune-24.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-202-day-1-blr-pune-25.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-203-day-1-blr-pune-29.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-204-day-1-blr-pune-30.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-205-day-1-blr-pune-31.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-206-day-1-blr-pune-33.jpg
He came back in about 90 minutes and started the work back the engine. I was actually surprised that we found belts of similar sizes in, Hubli district, (which I learnt later), and as it can be seen in the following pictures, he’s fixing it back.
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-301-day-1-blr-pune-35.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-302-day-1-blr-pune-38.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-303-day-1-blr-pune-40.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-304-day-1-blr-pune-41.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-305-day-1-blr-pune-42.jpg
Finally after everything was successfully completed I thanked everyone and decided that it was time for a Kodak moment, or I should call it a CANON moment…
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-401-day-1-blr-pune-45.jpg
Having wasted close to 3 hours I started my travel, and having no intention making up the lost time as I was not following a time limit and had simply decided that I would stop after dusk and the next town that came my way.
But as they say once bitten twice shy. in 15-20mins I stopped again to check whether the fan belts were ok or not and took the following pics too
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-501-day-1-blr-pune-47.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-502-day-1-blr-pune-49.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-503-day-1-blr-pune-50.jpg
Some more pics on the way, do not remember the place but the scenery was wonderful
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-601-day-1-blr-pune-51.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-602-day-1-blr-pune-53.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-603-day-1-blr-pune-54.jpg
Then a little before 5ish I saw these huge corn fields and saw this guy selling corn on the side of the highway. Had to stop here and I should say that these were one of the most juiciest and tasty corn on coal that I’d ever had till date…
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-701-day-1-blr-pune-57.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-702-day-1-blr-pune-58.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-703-day-1-blr-pune-59.jpg
Some more pics enroute
Toyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-801-day-1-blr-pune-62.jpgToyota Landcruiser - HDJ80-802-day-1-blr-pune-63.jpg
By approx 630pm ish I reached near Pune but by mistake took the road inside the town through the tunnel.
Having realised my mistake I decided to turn around and then after coming back in the main highway started to drive towards Mumbai and stopped at a hotel, thanks again to HVK sir for mentioning the name of the hotel in his posts.
After a long day, checked into a hotel around 8ish and called it a day around 11ish.
This brings us to the end of DAY 1.


The road travel statistics for that day were as follows

TOTAL Distance Travelled 888 kms
Max Speed: 123 kmph
Average Speed: 55kmph
Moving Average : 77.2 kmph
Moving time : 11hrs & 30 mins
Stop Time: 4hrs & 30min.
(All above readings are measured on GPS excluding the moving time and stop time. They are approx as I forgot to take these readings from my GPS that night)

Excluding the time that I wasted on the breakdown, I think that I stopped for about 90 minutes for various pit stops, food and short photo stops, etc.

  1. H V Kumar
    January 31, 2011 at 1:01 PM

    I always carry my old belts in the car always for such contingencies. You can always find a mechanic to fix the broken part (say, fit the old belts), but it is lot more difficult to get the correct part.

    On NH4, the road leading into Pune is always confusing, since it is advisable to take the road going towards Bombay even to go into Pune city. The right fork pointing to Pune goes on Katraj Ghat (small and high trafficked ghat road). On the other hand, the other road pointing to Bombay takes ypu under the Katraj Tunnel and reaches you onto the Pune bypass in a jiffy. From the bypass, you can reach any spot inside the Pune city easily.

    Where did you stay for the night?

    • Harjeev Singh Chadha
      February 1, 2011 at 8:55 AM

      @HVK sir: This is the practice that I have started following. Now whenever I embark on a roadtrip I carry essential parts like belts, hose pipes etc incase of emergencies. Also The belts (local made) that I bought at this place, I put them in the tool kit and additionally bought another OEM spec set, just incase.

      That after realising my mistake, this is exactly what I did. turned around and started to make my way towards Mumbai.

      For the Hotel I first inquired at Ginger Hotels, but they were fully booked, second option which was my original choice, Hotel Sadanand, was available. I camped there for the night. But again the road was fully jammed and understandably there is not U turn on that road, so I had to go a long way towards Mumbai before I saw an underpass.

  1. January 30, 2011 at 7:11 PM

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