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Toyota Landcruiser – Major & Minor Maintenance Update(s) IV, V, VI & VII


Post the previous service interval, I had taken the vehicle for an outstation trip to Tordi, Rajasthan for some dune bashing and off-road fun. This was a three day trip and the TLC performed remarkably well during the entire trip both on and off-road.

However there were some parts that conked off during/ after the trip and I had to replace them after I came back to Delhi. The following was the job done

110295 kms on November 22, 2010

Power Steering Pump replaced

Brake Master Cylinder replaced

Rear Differential Seal Replaced

Oil Pressure Switch (This was not working since the day I bought the vehicle)

Radiator Cap

Differential Oil

Power Steering Oil

Brake Oil



Labor Charge

Power Steering Change

Brake Master Cylinder Change

Differential Seal

Front Guard Setting


110295 kms 7591

Later on I drove the vehicle for about 2 month and the radiator started leaking. Got it again checked up and discovered that the top tank of the radiator was leaking. Therefore I got that changed too, As luck would have it there was an old radiator at the workshop of a Toyota 4Runner that that almost the same dimensions. Thererfore I got the part from that radiator mounted on my radiator. Further the vehicle had run for 5400 kms since the last full service, I decided to get a full service done in the meantime the vehicle was at the workshop getting the radiator work done   

110930 Kms on January 19, 2011

Engine Oil

Oil Filter


Air Filter

Radiator Repair

Labor Charge

110930 kms 7591


Tyre Changed

111122 Kms on January 21, 2011

I got the tyres replaced too. Decided to go in for Yokohama Geolanders AT-S 275/70/R16. Infact I got a really good deal too. A friend was selling his slightly used set of 5 tyres, 2009 manufactured and I decided to go in for them. As the size that he was selling was an exact match to the OEM tyre spec I picked them up replaced the old tyres.

I have to mention that the ride quality has phenomenally improved since the day I got the tyres replaced. The vehicle has become so smooth over the potholes and uneven surfaces on the road like riding a well cushioned sedan. The road grip and road noise has also improved for the better. All in all I am really happy with the change. I was initially a little apprehensive with going in for old tyres, but it all worked out for the best.

Also I got the new set of tyres balanced, got the alignment done . This is where I discovered that the steering shock absorber was leaking and had lived its life.

111122 kms Tyre Change 7591

111360 Kms on February 2, 2011

On this day I decided to replaced the steering shock absorber and as I had saved some cash on the tyre replacement I decided to change the headlamps too.

This was carried out on this day.

111360 kms Head Lights & Windshield 7591

There are some updates left that I would do so in a couple of days. Post these updates, this thread would be up to date.

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