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Toyota Landcruiser – Maintenance Update VIII – (111813 Kms)

111813 Kms on February 15, 2011

Post this update the the maintenance log is upto date.

As I had to go for the Desert Storm 2011 I started to drive the vehicle quite extensively and since the last service interval I drove the vehicle for a shade under 1000 kms. And am glad that I did. The issues that cropped up during this period were

  • The Fuel pump had started leaking diesel, and started to leak quite a lot
  • The Head Lamps went kaput, in a span of 10 days. Actually the low beam was working but on switching on the high beams the vehicle was not giving any power on the high beams.
  • IMG_9004IMG_9047 IMG_9052

Therefore it was time for the vehicle to visit the workshop once again and the work done was as under

  • The Diesel Fuel Pump was given for complete overhaul. (Cost/ Charge 6800 & Labor 3500
  • I also decided to replace the rear tail lights (Cost 2600)
  • This entire work was done at Be Bobby Automibiles, Vasant Kunj

    The circuit in the head lamps were looked into and it was discovered that on low beams the headlights were being lit but on high beams there was no power to the high beams but the low beams were still being lit. I found this to be odd.

So spoke to another fellow TLC 80 owner and he too confirmed that this was odd. This was the reason for the Relay going kaput. The relay was set for a max load of 200 Watts and the vehicle was running 90/100 Watts H4 & the high beam were running on either 55W or 60W H1’s. Now when the low beams were on the load on the relay was 180W. But on high beams it was 90+100+90+100 = 380W. So it had to go bad. Its good that the problem cropped up before I embarked to the long trip. Anyways, got it sorted out, changed the relay and put in an additional relay for the H1’s. The electrician said that it was not required but I didn’t wanna take a change.

The bulbs H4’s were also replaced in the process.

(Total Cost 1750 incl 2 relay, 1 with wiring harness and the other without 750, 1 pair HELLA H4 bulbs 90/100 Watts 300, parking light bulb 100 & Labor Charge 600)

116434 kms on March 5, 2011

After I returned from the desert storm (details of which will be posted in another post) the following work was carried on, on the vehicle.

  • Air Conditioner was serviced (Cost 2000)
  • There was a CD stuck in the CD player. This was sorted out and the problem was that rollers had gone bad. They were changed and the headunit was serviced (Cost/ Charge 600)
  • The high beams stopped working again, (this time it was the H1’s only). I got this checked and was found that the connection in the relay of the high beam became loose. This was set right. (Cost/ Charge 100)

This entire work was done at Palika Bhawan, New Delhi

So all in all this brings the vehicle upto date as of today.

Here are some pictures of the this maintenance update.


 collage 111813 kms Fuel Injection Pump

Collage 111813 kms Fuel Injection Pump 1

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