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Maruti Gypsy– So it begins…

So finally after a long long pause I am back again and this time I would try to finish the gypsy post soon and try to bring it upto date as soon as possible.

Now that I had bought the vehicle and it had been transported to the workshop (Auto Attitudes) the time had come to decide on the package I wanted for my vehicle, the way I wanted it to be restored, the color scheme, the performance package, etc etc etc. Now this wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I was like standing at crossroads and talking to many people and everyone had their own advise. Someone told me to keep it stock as a MG410, while others told me that I should convert it to a MG413 carburetor. I also got advise to go for a complete Baleno setup or maybe even a bigger one.

Anyways to cut a long story short the following was decided

Collage Post after long break

  • · At first I had decided that I would be restoring the vehicle as a MG410 only. The sole reason of deciding so was that it would keep the costs low and then later on I could decide whether I wanted to go for a 413 Carburetor or an MPFI. Then another thought also came to mind that I could go for a 416. But after a couple of meetings with Aman I learnt that if I restored the vehicle as a 410 the all the performance mods, overhauling expense, etc that I would incur on a 410 would not come in handy when I would go in for a engine swap later. Also the 410 would have been really really underpowered compared to the 413, even the 413 carburetor.
  • · Therefore it was decided that I would go in for a 413 Carburetor and retain that but along with the rest of the mechanicals of a 410. This I was contemplating as the transfer case of the 410 gives a slightly more lower crawling ratio than that of a 413. But this plan of keeping the 410’s transfer case was soon shelved as later on, if atall, whenever I wanted to put in crawer gears I would have to change the transfer case or have a hard time finding stuff for the 410 setup. So it was decided that I would change the transfer case too
  • · Then once the transfer case was being changed, I thought that it would be better to change the gearbox from the 4 speed to a 5 speed one. This was being done as a precautionary measure as later on I didn’t want to be bogged down with the issue of the ratios not being matched. Now when I was changing the gearbox, I decided to change the axles, shafts, etc.
  • · Changing of the axles was decided as I wanted an option that if tomorrow I decided that I wanted to put differential locks and retained the axle ratio of a 410 then the ratios wouldn’t match. Also I could have kept the costs down and kept the axles for later but then again the labor charges would have to be spent again on the removal of the old axles, gearbox, transfer case, etc etc. So I decided to do it in one go.
  • · All this while the powerplant was the 413 Carburetor. Then I began talking to my friends and everyone suggested that if I am spending so much cash and doing the complete change of parts, what’s the reason of sticking with the Carburetor powerplant. I would also have the problem of tuning, setting, cleaning the carburetor which not many people are willing or trained or want to do, now. Further a MPFI is a 16 valve engine compared to the 8 Valve of the Carburetor. So finally we decided to change the engine to a 413 MPFI. This would give me piece of mind and then the complete vehicle would be a 413, just leaving aside the chassis and the body. The overhaul cost difference between the two, the Carburetor and the MPFI was not that substantial. Not to mention, I’ve heard that a Carburetor engine compared to a MPFI engine has to struggle a bit when travelling on very high altitudes. So a MPFI powerplant was finalised.
  • · During this time while the vehicle was being opened up we found out that the rear differentials had a slight bend. So new rear differentials were ordered and I decided to replace the front differential tubing too.
  • · Also was decided to go in for racing leaf springs (kamins or pattas as commonly referred to), along with a Free Flow Exhaust and a K&N filter.
  • · Seats till date I have not decided whether I would want the RECARO replicas or stock gypsy, Alto or i10 seats. The reason I am waiting is that I have a severe back problem and I do not want to spend 15-20k on seats and then keep cribbing about having a bad back. Therefore what I’ve decided that I would go for a long drive in someone’s gypsy having the replica seats and if I feel comfortable then I would go for them. If not then I better save money and put the i10 or Alto seats.
  • · Fog lights too earlier I thought that I would buy 2 pair of NEOLIGHTS. But now I’ve decided that I would go for a a pair or two of HELLAS maybe 500’s or 1000’s or maybe even a set 2000’s. I know they are expensive but having HELLA 4000’s on my Landcruiser, there is a phenomenal difference between the throw of the beam of the HELLAs and the NEOLIGHTS.
  • · Its natural that when the engine is being replaced the bonnet is also being replaced and along with new axles we’re changing the crown pinion of the front and rear axles.
  • · I’ve also decided that I would install an air conditioning unit in the vehicle once its done its running in. This I would be getting done from either an installer in Jhandewelan Extention who goes by the name of ‘Western Cool’ or another very famous installer in Lajpat Nagar (pardon me for not knowing the name but couple of my friends have got their Gypsys installed with aircons from him and they are really happy and satisfies)
  • · Now when I would be getting a aircon unit installed I’ve decided to go in for a Baleno radiator in lieu of the normal stock gypsy ratiator. This being a little bigger will help keeping the vehicle cooler, especially with the AC in the peak summers of Delhi. In the winters I’ve decided that I would remove the belt of the aircon compressor so that the load on the vehicle is minimised.
  • · Also we’ve decided to do Head & Engine Block Shaving, porting and polishing. I’ve been told that doing this would/ should increase the performance of the vehicle and a friend of mine having this done on his vehicle it quite happy with the performance.
  • · Its also been decided to install an additional fuel tank, just like the rally vehicles have in them. This will give me an additional 40 Liters of fuel and will terminate the need of carrying a jerry cans and give me an extended range of drivability.

So in a nutshell these are the mods that have been planned and decided till now. Many of the modification have already been executed but I would leave that for the next post and the future updates. Now I leave you with some pictures of the vehicle and in future posts will start uploading the WIP pictures.

Cheers for now

(Differential Assembly in progress)

Assembly of the rear differential-1

(New Differential Tubes for my vehicle)

Differential Diff


This is what happens when the vehicle is standing still for 3+ years


Rust on the B pillar


The famous BUSHRANGER at Auto Attitude


RUST at the wheel wells

Recovered Gypsy Aman 2088-8

RUST RUST and more rust

Recovered Gypsy Aman 2088-9Recovered Gypsy Aman 2088-12

Recovered Gypsy Aman 2088-17

Vehicles parked at AUTO ATTITUDES

Recovered Gypsy Aman 2088-19

Recovered Gypsy Aman 2088-20

The Baleno radiator in a MG413

Recovered Gypsy Aman 2088-21

My vehicle in the background

White Gypsy pics for Aman

New wiring harness for my vehicle


  1. Paras Mann
    April 1, 2011 at 3:38 PM

    hey.. my gypsy is there too!

    • Harjeev Singh Chadha
      April 14, 2011 at 9:18 AM

      Yes sir, it surely is. I must sat that your vehicle is one of the best masterpieces that have been produced by Auto Attitudes.

    December 26, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    Chadha Sab Namaskar,
    I want to know how many teeth come in a crown and pinnion of

  3. June 12, 2012 at 3:14 AM

    Hi, I am from Malta. I want to know whether it is possible to fit a 5 speed Maruti gypsy gearbox to an MG410. Does this need a plate in between engine and gearbox or does it fit exactly? I wish to keep the current 1.0 engine. thanks for all the info.

  1. April 19, 2011 at 4:44 PM

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