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WIP update

Hey Guys,

Something or the other has been keeping me busy over the previous week, so I couldn’t update the progress of the Gypsy . This doesn’t mean that work is not going on. On the contrary work is progressing on the vehicle at a brisk pace and I am glad to say that slowly and gradually the delivery date is inching closer.

Anyways without further delay over the course of the next couple of posts I would update the status of the vehicle and bring the thread up to date. Also the future posts would be more of pictures and small narrations as I have already written briefly on the work that I plan to do on the vehicle in this post

Link to the post


Final Collage


100 Full Collage



Another set of pictures on the condition of the vehicle. These set of pictures don’t do justice the the actual condition of the vehicle, which was much worse that I imagined.

101 Condition of the vehicle


As with most of the rebuilds the first things that most of the workshop’s do is to get a rolling chassis. So the attention went to the differential tubes as as I mentioned in the previous post were bent and in quite a battered condition and was decided to replace with a new one.

Condition of the differential tubing

102 difftubes drum axle

Also once the rear set was being changed we we decided to replace the front ones too as then we would have a totally new set. Therefore once the new differential tubes the differentials were assembled. Needless to say as with all rebuilds Aman changes most of the mechanical parts and in my rebuild to we were changing most of the parts. In my case the differentials were changed, the drums, discs, axles, bought brake calipers as the MG410 didn’t have them or they were in a bad shape.

Differential Assembly in progress

103 difftube Assembly in progress104 difftube Assembly in progress



While the differential assembly was in progress the fiberglass hard top was also to be removed. WIP pictures

105 dismantling the body removal of the hard top

As mentioned previously, the Engine (1.3 MPFI), Gearbox & 4×4 Transfer Case was sourced from Mayapuri. Here are a set of pictures of the same. Also in the subsequent pictures it can be seen that the engine assembly is in progress.

1.3 L MPFI Engine, 5 F + 1R  Gearbox, 4×4 Transfer case (of the Gypsy King) and brake calipers

106 Engine GB Tcase brake Calipers


107 Part Rebuild of the engine

108 part rebuild


As they say that a picture speaks a thousand words. In the following picture on the left is a set of ‘headers’ that is generally used in the market or I should say, is used by some vendors. These are from a reputed company and I am sorry to say very sought after performance enhancement fitment. On the right is another set that I would be installing in my vehicle. These I have learnt are custom made and to a layman, like me, it looks like would give a much better performance upgrade than the smaller diameter ones(the ones on the left).

109 Headers comparison


Another set of pictures clicked by me at the workshop

110 Misc

  1. abhijeet bharti
    April 21, 2011 at 7:14 PM

    hello sir,
    i wanted to buy maruti gypsy model after 2002 .

  2. abhijeet bharti
    April 21, 2011 at 7:14 PM

    plz recommend me with some suggestions.

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