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Gypsy WIP–II (work in progress)

Continuing with the previous post

Now that the engine + Gearbox + Transfer case had been sourced, time had come to pay attention to the body or as many of my friends had begin to call it “The Rust Bucket”.

I was even suggested to replace the whole body tub, but I wanted to restore this vehicle only. I believe that anything with metal can be put back together and I would definitely try with this one. From the past couple of post I have been repeating myself that the body was very rusted and that there are holes in the tubs, etc etc.

Here are pictures of the body tub

101 Body Rusted

And the condition of the tub

102 Body Rusted (2)

So now, with the big task of ‘restoration’ of this rusted bucket. The body was the first to go. A couple of pictures

103 Uploaded


Post the body the chassis was stripped of all parts

104 Body Rusted (4)


Then were to go the front guard and the other accessories

105 Body Rusted (5)


And so starts the work on the tub

106 Body Rusted (3)


At the same time the chassis was moved outside, washed and then coated with anti rust coating following with parts were changed. Now its been a long time so I do not remember the exact name of the parts but here follow the pictures

107 Chassis & Steering


108 Chassis & Steering1

Here the workers can be seen assembling the steering box and also the tie road & the ends have also been changed.

109 Chassis & Steering2


Till the next post


  1. July 11, 2012 at 1:32 PM

    Dear Harjeev, I want to know price and contact info for this type of steering for my CJ. i m from delhi. its urgent plz. ( easy.rahil@yahoo.com )

    • Harjeev Singh Chadha
      July 11, 2012 at 6:07 PM

      Dear Rahil, This steering is a fit for the Gypsy and I’m not sure whether it would fit the CJ. Anyhow this steering box and assembly is a MGP (Maruti Genuine Product) and you can get it at any of the wholeseller’s how stock Maruti Genuine Products or Authorised Service Centres.

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