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Gypsy- Work in Progress III (WIP-III)

Now when the body was removed from the chassis and the pictures of the preparation of the chassis were uploaded in the previous posts the big task of the battered body work are in enclosed in this update.

Also to be noted that thought I am updating the entire set of pictures in one post, this entire job took well over 2 whole months to complete. Part of the delay was that we all got busy in Desert Storm 2011 in which, naturally everyone was involved. Anyways better late than never.

The condition of the underbody…

Under body Repair

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Patch work can be seen

Underbody collage 1

And the final outcome…

Underbody Afterwards

Once the work on the underside was completed, it was time to pay attention on the other body panels.

The Fenders

Front Fender Repair

Work progressing on the running boards, engine Bay area, side panels, etc

Misc Body patchwork

More pics

Misc body patchwork-1

The floor of the body tub (drivers side, passenger, loading area, etc)Misc body patchwork-2

The battery mount had to be completely re-fabricated, some pics

Battery Mount on the front fenders


On the picture on the left are the double shock setup that generally rally prepared gypsys run on, Any on the right me and my friends can be seen have a go in the, well I leave you guys to complete the most appropriate set of words to describe it… Open-mouthed smile 

Double shock setipEnjoying ourselves

  1. ravi
    September 12, 2014 at 5:33 PM

    hi i am owing a maruti gypsy carburtor i want to change it to mpfi, pl help me for it, i am from pune

    • September 12, 2014 at 7:10 PM

      Hey Ravi, I’m no expert but off hand I remember that I changed the complete engine, wiring harness, fuel pump & fuel tank. Rest I’ll advise you to get in touch with an experienced restorer in your city and do the needful.

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