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Toyota Landcruiser -21000 kms 9 month ownership review

I’ve had a vehicle for a little less than 9 months and I thought that a long term ownership review is in order.
The vehicle has covered a shade under 21k kms. Of this the notable drives have been

  • Bangalore-Delhi 2500kms
  • Delhi -Bhuj- Phokhran- Bikaner-Delhi 3900kms (Desert Storm 2011)
  • Delhi-Ahmedabad- Sasan Gir – Diu -Udaipur- $delhi 3000kms
  • Delhi -Corbett NP – Delhi
  • Delhi-Hoshiarpur-Delhi
  • Del-Ludhiana-Del (2-3 trips)
  • Delhi- Amritsar – Delhi 2 trips
  • Del – Jallander – Delhi
  • Delhi Tordi (Nr Ajmer) – Del
  • And some other I am not remembering
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    So it can be seen that the vehicle is being extensively driven.
    What I like about the vehicle

    • Unmatched road presence. Especially on the highways the kind of respect this vehicle get you from other vehicles, is amazing.
    • Is very planted on the highways especially on high speeds. Even at speeds of 150 kmph the vehicle inspires confidence like none other. Though I am a very sedate driver but occasionally I’ve tried to push it to the limit twice.
    • The 1st time I was driving from Bhuj to our camp in Dorodo (while I was at the Desert Storm 2011). I had a long and empty road in front and was glad to say that I tried to test the vehicle to the limits.
    • The 2nd time was when I was coming back from Udaipur and was on the Kishangarh – Jaipur Expressway.
    • At both these occasions the vehicle was fully loaded with 2-3 adult passengers and all the luggage that we could carry. So I guess that if the vehicle had a little less luggage, I could have easily managed more.
    • Raw power in all gearing ratios. No need to change gears when overtaking on the highways. Even in the 5th gear, overtaking is a breeze. One can easily feel the 6 cylinders working their way is giving all that they’ve got to the driver. Sometimes, at speed of approx 80-90kmph I even feel the need that the vehicle is either in the 4th gear or is in dire need of a 6th gear.
    • Space, space and yet more space. The amount of inside space in the vehicle is wonderful. Having migrated from the Tata Safari, which itself is not cramped in anyway, this vehicle leaves others way behind. I know that its like comparing apples to oranges but again I am comparing from an ownership perspective.
    • Extremely comfortable for the front and the rear passengers on all kinds of roads. The longest stretch that I’ve driven the vehicle in a single day is 1250 Kms from Delhi to Bhuj. Started at 430am and reached Bhuj @ 130AM the next day. No Sweat. If it hadn’t been for the body clock, I am sure that the vehicle could have managed more, with easy.

    What I don’t like about the vehicle

    • The vehicle has drum brakes in the rear. So I guess that had there been discs, breaking would have been loads better. That said, till now I’ve have had no reason to complain at the lack of rear discs or have they let me down, anywhere.
    • Driving in the city is a huge pain. With approx 6 feet wide and almost 16 feet long, its not small by any standards. Additionally finding a parking space for something this huge is another task in itself, this is only if you are not waved away by the parking attendant in the first place.
    • Another niggling issue that I’ve noticed is that when I am at high speeds and really pushing the RPM to the limits the temperature starts to rise. Generally it stays at the 1/8th mark but while pushing the vehicle it goes to the 3/8th mark, but stays there. At this time I tone it down a little and then the temperature comes down a little. This always happens when the speeds of the vehicle are in excess of 120kmph and I am keeping the RPM above or around 3000-3500 RPM.

    Other observations/ Experiences

    • Getting Full Comphrensive Insurance was a big task in itself. Apparently there’s some rule that IInd vehicles of 10+ years old, the agents don’t easily agree to get them insured. However after pulling some strings, I managed to get it insured for a Written Down Valie of 13,00,000 and paid a premium of 28,700 INR.
    • As I stay in Delhi and the vehicle is registered in Mumbai, getting the ownership of the vehicle transferred in my name was also an equally a big task. It took me about 6 months to be able to find a way out and was ultimately able to work something out. Now officially the ownership of the vehicle has been transferred to our name (my cousin’s name who is a resident of Mumbai). Also going through this route also save a big wad of cash as I had previously inquired about getting the registration number changed to Ludhiana and the approx expense was working out to be in the range of 40-50k.
    • Glad to having found a good workshop in Delhi ”LAKOZY TOYOTA MOTORS" in Okhla. They are an authorised Toyota workshop and have been working on Toyota’s Imports since a long time. Another fellow Landcruiser owner has been going to them for a long time and is an extremely satisfied customer.

    Finally I have summarized the Total Expenses that I have incurred/ spent on the vehicle till date. This is from the 1st breakdown (snapping of the belts) that occurred when I was driving the vehicle from Bangalore to Delhi till the latest service (June 01, 2011) from Lakozy Toyota.

    Summary of Expenses

    • TYPE Total Description
    • AC 2,000 Air Con
    • AR 22,229.4 Accident Repair
    • BE 7,250 Belts
    • BR 16,250 Breaks (Pads, Oil, Master Cylinder)
    • ER 17,100 Electrical Repair (Bulbs, Headlamp/Tail Lamps, Oil Presure Switch)
    • IN 28,700 Insurance
    • MS 353 Misc
    • OR 43,386.92 OR (Other Items/ Normal Services) This includes the 1st service in which all fluids were changed)
    • SS 36,100 Steering & Suspension (Power Steering Pump, PS Oil, Suspension Job, All Shocks changed)
    • TY 30,565 Tyres
    • UN 10,300 UN (Unsual Job) Recalibration of the the Fuel Pump
    • WS 27,000 Wind Shield & Power Windows Motor
    • Grand Total 2,41,234.32

    Fuel Efficiency
    Total Number of KMs 20721 kms
    Fuel Consumed 2,546.71 Liters
    Amt Spent on Fuel 99,475 Rupees
    Average Price / Liter Rs.39.06 per Liter
    Fuel Efficiency (FE) 8.14 Km per Liter
    Cost per KM Rs.4.80 per KM

    Having driven the vehicle for approx 21000 kms in 9 months or so, I am happy to say that buying this vehicle was one of the best decisions I made. Further glancing at the total amount that I have spent on the vehicle till date (Rs 2,41,234.32) some may think that I would have been better off hunting for different vehicle that would have been not so heavy on the pocket. But my take on this is, that after all this is a 14+ year old vehicle and with each expense my vehicle is nearing perfection. Moreover before I came across this vehicle I was searching for a Toyota Landcruiser (TLC) for over a year and never came across any that were in this good a shape and credit for this goes to the previous owners especially REDONE from whom I purchased the vehicle. I still remember it like yesterday when I saw the vehicle for the 1st time standing in all its glory in the parking lot of REDONE’s apartment complex. Thanks a lot sir for taking care of the vehicle and choosing me as the buyer.
    I believe that this long term ownership update would be the 1st of many to come over the next thousands of kms.
    Till the next time.

    1. Ankit
      July 19, 2011 at 3:37 PM

      Good review Harjeev. Pretty much sums up the TLC 80 series experience!

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