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Landcruiser’s Diesel Fuel Pump needs to be recalibrated, again

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Barely after driving the vehicle for a little less than 18K Kms after getting the Diesel Fuel Pump re-calibration done, I feel that it needs to be done again.
The reason for this is as follows

Firstly the FE of the vehicle has gone down drastically. Earlier (before the RE-CALIBRATION) the TLC used to give me a FE of 8.5, city driving,  to sometimes even 9.5-9.75 on the highways) . Now the FE is barely 7-7.25 KMPH.

Second reason is that earlier under hard acceleration there used to be very little to no black smoke from the exhaust. Now even on idle there is black smoke emitting from the vehicle. This can clearly be seen from the naked eye. On hard acceleration the vehicle smokes like a chimney. So this can’t be good. Under idle, when one stands at the back of the vehicle, you can feel the unburnt diesel on your eyes.

So these two reasons were enough for me to send the vehicle for the re calibration. Gave it yesterday at Lakozy Toyota at Okhla Industrial Area. They said that I can expect the vehicle back in a weeks time. Will try to keep the developments posted on the blog.
The ODO meter now reads 1292XX Kms.

PS. Uploading this post from my Android device. If I seem to get the hang of it, I will try to be more regular with uploads.

  1. Gurpreet Bhogal
    March 20, 2013 at 9:01 PM

    Hello Harjeev

    Was reading your expenses on vehicle , they cost bomb to repair the parts . Parts availability is also an issue i can see , plus vehicle is aged and parts will have fault in coming days . If person goes by mind , is it really worth owning it . You ca easily buy a good 25 lakh suv which can go anywhere like toyota fortuner . This land cruiser is a legend in its own . But its parts and all takes time and money as well . 🙂

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