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Goa Road Trip March ‘12 Delhi–-> Jaipur–-> Ahmedabad

Getting there

In my Previous Post I had broadly outlined the the trip we would be doing, places I would be staying, for my road tip to Goa. In this and future posts I would share the travelogue for the entire trip along with pictures, distance travelled, night halts, Fuel Consumption, etc,

The timings for all the travelling should be accurate as I’ve made tracklogs for the entire trip on my Garmin 60CSX.

16th March 2012 Delhi ––> Jaipur

We began the trip on the 16th of March from New Delhi. Having already tanked her up, airpressure checked we made our departure from Delhi at approx 2 PM. The reason for the late start was that we had decided to stay at Jaipur for the night which would help us to

  • Cut down the time and distance travelled the next day for Ahmedabad
  • Visit meet a friend in Jaipur and along with him goto Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur itself.

This drive was pretty much ordinary and we stopped for lunch at McDonalds before Manesar and then at Hotel Highway King on NH8 between Pragpura and Shahpura for tea.

Having already made reservations at Hotel Amer View, near Amer Fort, Jaipur we reached there at 730PM

The distance covered on this leg was 249 Kms in 5 Hours and 50 Mins coming to a total average speed (including stoppages) to 42.71 KMPH.

Hotel Amer View, Jaipur

My review and experience of the Hotel Amer View, Amer, Jaipur as posted on Trip Advisor


Not of the the good places that I’ve stayed at. The rooms are nothing as good as what’s been depicted at their website.
Good things first: the manager of the hotel was really helpful. He bumped be upto their suit room which was quite big and spacious whereas I’d landed at the hotel with a reservation for a deluxe category room. So very nice of him.
Food: didn’t try so wouldn’t know.
Location: the hotels location on Google maps is all wrong. Looking at the location on GMaps I booked the room thinking that’s its in the middle of the city but after paying the booking amount, I called up the hotel and came to know that its 20kms Kms before Jaipur. Now this was a big hassle as I wanted to go to Chokhi Dhani which is 10 Kms from Jaipur (South Side) so I had to travel 30 Kms in the peak hours to get to the place which took 1 hour.
The washroom : Very bad. No water pressure. Not clean. It took almost 10 odd minutes just to fill a bucket of water and while the bucket was being filled there was no water pressure in the sink. No tissue paper and mind you this was the suit room which I had been staying at. Just imagine was the normal rooms would be like. The commode also had been devoid of any water facilities.
The best surprise was I injured myself in the room in the morning. Was roaming around bare footed, which is not a big deal when staying in any hotel and there were a couple of nails sticking out from the wooden floor went straight up my left foot.
All in all wouldn’t ever stay again at this place even if was offered to me for free.

Room Rate : 1980/- per night

Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur

Having already decided earlier that we would visit Chokhi Dhani this night, we made our dash for my friend Navin’s place who would take us to Chokhi Dhani that night. Thanks to the wrong location of Hotel Amer View on Google maps we had to travel 1 hour just to reach Chokhi Dhani which was a good 36 Kms from this Hotel and took us 55 minutes to reach.

Review and experience at Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur

This was my second visit to Chokhi Dhani. Long back in November 2000 I had visited this place and had good memories. Thinking that it might have improved I always used to tell anyone going to Jaipur that this is a must visit place. Well my experience was mixed,

We reached this place at 930pm and paid our entry fees which was Rs.400 per person.
The place purely feels very artificial now compared to my earlier visit..
The crowds is even more than what you’d see at places like Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. Felt more like  big meal being organised.
Washrooms were clean.
Several games for children and adults alike along with performances by village folk with dance, music, etc make it a nice place.
The place is simply HUGE compared to what I remember from my earlier visit. Must be atleast twice or even thrice than what it was before.

Now the WORST part of the place was the food. The system they follow here is that they allot time slots when you enter, which I’d say, is a very good way to control crowds. So naturally we too were allotted time for 11PM. This is at the sit-down open area where you are served in a traditional styleThali system. at approx 1030pm we reached the place so as to request them if they can pre-pone our time. We were surprised to see a long queue of people waiting in line and most of these people were allotted time of 10.00PM. Feeling dejected we went back to the main entry gate as as to upgrade our category to the restaurant  style dining which costs Rs.650/- per head. So we paid the difference of Rs.250 and proceeded to the restaurant. Once seated at 11PM they started serving the food which I’d say was JUST OK. Nothing special and we had to actually ask several them to serve us some items which we saw people on the adjacent tables eating. SERVICE TOO WAS PATHETIC AND VERY SLOW.

All in all not one of the good experiences and next time I would surely give the place a miss.



Traditional Thali Rs.400/- & Rs.200/- per head (Adult & Child)

Royal Rajasthan Thali Rs.650 & Rs.400/- per head (Adult & Child)


Reception area at Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur

Please click the picture to see the charges



At Chokhi Dhani, kids being kids, doing what they are best at



Total Distance Covered on Day 001 316 Kms (including Hotel Amer to Chokhi Dhani and Back)

17th March 2012 Jaipur ––> Ahmedabad

By the time we retired for the previous night it was already 2 AM. Our earlier plan to leave around 6AM was naturally shelved. Finally we departed from the Hotel around 730AM and by the time we joined NH8 after filling fuel etc it was 820AM covering 30.60 Kms. The scheduled night halt for tonight was Ahmedabad.

Fuel Economy since last refill (in this case it was at New Delhi)

  • Distance Covered 337 Kms
  • Fuel 36.22 Ltrs @ 43.06 per Liter Rs.1560 in Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Fuel Economy 9.30 KM/ Ltr & Rs.4.63/ KM

On a recommendation of a very close friend decided to have lunch at ‘Natraj Dining Hall & Restaurant’ in Udaipur. Covering 440 Kms we reached Natraj, Udaipur at 1:51PM. Average speed of approx 70 KMPH.

Natraj Dining Hall & Restaurant’, Udaipur

My experience

Been to Udaipur many times but this time was my first at this restaurant. Its very conveniently located on City Station Road and one can drive there and easily find parking space, if you are on your own vehicle.
The food is awesome. We were on a road trip from Delhi-Goa-Delhi and stopped to have food at this place both while going and coming back.
They have a Thali system and its eat all you can. The service is very quick, food is warm and hot and spicy. As they say in hindi ‘PETH BHAR GAYA, PAR NEYAT NEHI BHARI’
During lunch we were in and out in 30 mins.
If you are in Udaipur and wish to treat your taste bud to a wonderful culinary experience, this place is a must visit. Full marks. Additionally the owners were present and were personally doing rounds of the place asking everyone if they needed anything and taking care of the guests.
Charges: We were 4 of us 2 Adults and 2 kids (5 years and 1 years old). They didn’t charge for the 1 year old and half charge for the 5 year old.
Charges are Rs.120/- per head.

After refueling we left Udaipur at 2:45PM. Not that we needed fuel, we thought that we should fill her up as Diesel was more expensive in Gujarat than in Rajasthan

Fuel Economy since last refill (in this case it was at Jaipur)

  • Distance Covered 421 Kms
  • Fuel 48.79 Ltrs @ 43.04 per Liter Rs.2,100 in Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • Fuel Economy 8.63 KM/ Ltr & Rs.4.99/ KM

Next stop was Karnavati Club in Ahmedabad. We were at the Ghandinagar Circle at 5:45PM covering a distance of 227 Kms in 3 Hours. Average speed of 76KMPH and reached Karnavati Club at 6:23PM.

Total Distance for Day 002 was 703 Kms with an average moving speed of 77.2KMPH

A GPS screen shot for Day 002. Please click to see a bigger resolution

DAY 002 Jaipur to Ahmedabad 17Mar2012

In the evening we made plans to eat at Goverdhan Thal, an authenntic Gujarati restaurant in Ahmedabad.

Gordhan Thal

SG Road | Opposite Rajpath Club, Ahmedabad, India 26878905

My experience

Good Authentic Guajrati Food

A wonderful place to eat good authentic Guajrati Food. The service is very quick and the staff always eager to pile your plate with as much food as they possibly can. Being a fan of Gujarati Food I simply love this place and always try to visit, whenever I am in Ahmedabad.
For the quality of the food I can just say that everytime I’ve eaten dinner at this place, I’ve always have had to skip breakfast the next day. On each and every visit I end up eating more than I possibly can.


The sinful thali and the restaurant



Karnavati Club, Ahmedabad

Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad, India

My experience

“Wonderful place to stay, for members”

Stayed at this place twice. Once in Mar2011 and again in Mar12. However only members and members guest can stay at this place.
One thing i don’t like about this place is the early check out time of 9am. I think that this is too early. Apart from this its a wonderful place to stay at.
Never used their facilities and used the room service for coffee and milk only. We’ve stayed here twice and at both times ate at Godharan thal which is just a Km from this place and is an authentic Gujarati Restaurant.
They have free WiFi too early, however it didn’t work on my phone and laptop.
The quality of the rooms is amazing and not less than a very decent 4 star hotel. Nice and spacious rooms too.
Would stay at this place again whenever I stay in Ahmedabad.

  1. samareshbiswal
    April 2, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    very informative trip log . after reading about Chokhi Dhani i will definitely give it a miss . ride safe .

    • Harjeev Singh Chadha
      April 3, 2012 at 10:30 AM

      Thanks sir. Regarding Chokhi Dhani, well I’d say its a good place but just for once. If you haven’t been there, you should visit it once. But me, having already been there twice will surely give it a miss the next time.

  1. August 2, 2012 at 8:02 PM

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