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Goa Road Trip March ’12 – In Goa

After 3 days of driving through almost half or maybe three-fourth the length of the country, covering 2200 Kms we had arrived at our destination in Goa, Ramada Carvela Beach Resort.

Ramada Carvela Beach Resort

IMG_4269-72 Panorama copy

I will not go into details about how the hotel is/ was as I have posted a detailed review on Trip Advisor, so would be copy/pasting it here.

My Review of Ramada Carvela Beach Resort

This was my first visit to Ramada & had booked a Deluxe Category Room.
CHECKIN & ROOMS: Upon Check-In the reception staff especially Hemant & Mabel were very helpful and courteous. They offered me a choice of rooms whether I wanted Sea facing or Pool facing and correctly told me that the pool facing rooms are recently renovated. After looking at both the rooms obviously we chose the pool facing rooms.
On Monday’s and Thursdays the hotel organises a special themed Beach Dinner which though was not a part of our package, we immediately took for a slight extra charge. The food and ambiance was quite nice.
The swimming pool is actually quite big and well maintained. Having read some reports was guests being maltreated at the pool were all false. We were there for 4 nights and used the pool on all days. Had a very pleasant experience, further neither did we see any untoward instance with other guests while we were there.
FOOD: We were on an All meal package. The breakfast was simply awesome. They had practically everything that one could wish for. This I am saying from a non-veg point of view. We had a blast and the quality and spread of the food items was so good that by the time we finished our vacation, I think that I must have gained a couple of pounds 😀 Still no regrets. Next to the b’fast I liked the dinner but again not as good as the breakfast. The lunch was only acceptable but considering I was so full after b’fast I could barely muster the courage to eat much. Deserts at dinner time, could have been better especially the western variety but again passable.
CHECKOUT was smooth and the accuracy of the billing was also perfect.During checkout while gathering my luggage I’d forgot my cameras tripod in the cupboard. When we sent the bell boy to collect the luggage I was very happy to see that he’d noticed this and handed me the tripod. I’m sorry I’m forgetting his name. Top marks here.
STAFF: The staff was very friendly and always eager to help.

  • Now, couple of things that left a tiny lump/ hitch in my mind, maybe the hotel takes notice and/or improved.
  • There was no exhaust in the washrooms and especially after the obvious duty in the loo, the rooms smelled bad. I almost emptied my can of deodorant during my 4 nights stay. Otherwise the washrooms were quite big and the shower perfect.
  • The light switches combination was very confusing, I’ll try to explain. They worked from both sides of the bed and something the master switch switched off everything (including the mobile charger point, the fan, everything) and at other times it used to do only the lights. I feel that it should have been simpler.
  • As usual with high end hotels the wi-fi internet was expensive. I mean at these times of low prices the bandwidth is dirt cheap, why charge such exorbitant prices? Why not give it complimentary or charge a nominal amount. I mean 100 bucks for a 30 minutes is daylight robbery. Add to that I was not able to catch 3G in my room and surprisingly when I walked couple of hundred meters towards the beach, I was getting 3G connectivity. Funny naa. Though its not the fault of the hotel for the 3G connectivity issue.
  • There were frequent power cuts but the gensets used to kick in after 15-20 seconds

Everything said, we had a fantastic time at the resort, so much so, that it was my 1st of 4 times in Goa, that I didnt even venture out of the hotel to explore the surroundings places.
Will I go again, Well… yes but will spread my days between North and South Goa

The Hotel Lobby

IMG_4236-40 Ramada Goa Lobby Panorama copy


As mentioned in the review the night we reached the hotel they were having a beach themed party. Here are some pictures from that night’s events. Here are some pictures

IMG_4064 copyIMG_4065 copyIMG_4067 copyIMG_4057 copy


I’d read that the swimming pool of the hotel is quite big and maybe one of the biggest in Goa. Here are some pictures of the swimming pool.

The Pool Bar

IMG_4069 copy

The Kiddy Pool

with the outside dining area(right) and the main building (in the background)

IMG_4071 Panorama copy

Another view of the Pool (the deep side)

IMG_4080 81 82 Panorama Pool cropped copy JPG

Some day shots of the pool

IMG_4104 copy

Another view of the Pool (from our room balcony)

IMG_4184 copy


Our Room and the bottle of wine that is so widely advertised by many hotels.

IMG_4191 copyIMG_4188 copy

The Hotel Grounds, there was a small Golf Course too

IMG_4194 copy

The beach with para sailing for the tourists

IMG_4215 copy

Another view of the beach

IMG_4217 copy

The Sunset Bar, Ramada

IMG_4220 copy

Another view of the sunset bar

IMG_4226 copy

Catch of the day, Who’s hungry…

IMG_4230 copy

We were in Goa for 5 days and for the entire duration did pretty much nothing. We ate, swam, wandered on the beach, slept and then ate again. So much so we didn’t even venture out of the hotel apart from the last night we were there, and that too to tank up on fuel for the return leg of the journey.

Finally on the 23rd of March, it was time for us to leave and head back home.

Here we are getting ready for Mumbai

IMG_4276 copy

In Panaji enroute to Mumbai

IMG_4280 copy

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