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Goa Road Trip–Epilogue

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26th March 2012 Monday

Now being a shade less than 700 Kms from Delhi and again having done this journey several times we had a late start. Another reason for the late start was that having myself being mentally strained the previous day I didn’t set the alarm clock the previous night. Second reason was that the room we stayed was so bad that I have now decided never to again stay at this hotel if I ‘m getting the same category of room.

Ready to Leave for Delhi at RTDC Hoetl Kajri, Udaipur

The following picture is from my earlier stay at the same hotel in March 2011IMG_0973-75 Panorama full copy

My review of RTDC Kajri as posted on Tripadvisor . com

Stayed at this hotel in March 12. Having previously stayed at this place we selected this as we had a nice enough experience the last time. However this time we really felt the effect of the government attitude.
Reached the hotel at 1020pm and there was no one to take my luggage up to the 2nd floor. We had to take it out ourselves.
The room that we had got wasn’t cleaned in days and had inches of dust all over the room.
All the staff had left for the night and no room service nothing. Even when I wanted to get milk for my kids I had to go inside the kitchen and request the staff there for 2 glasses.
Had I been staying for more than a night , I would have moved to more comfortable hotel the next morning.
The washrooms were dirty as hell. And the buckets, well let me not even comment it. Toilet paper seemed like a luxury.
The good point of the hotel is that the linen was clean.
And being a government run property It was safe.

Would I stay again at this hotel? Well hard to say. I would would definitely try searching for better quality hotel and if nothing else available and if would have to spend just a night in Udaipur. I might go here again only if I get a better category room.

  • Stayed March 2012

After settling the bill we were out of the hotel and on the road by 9:18AM. Fuel was running low so thought it best to get it refilled in Udaipur itself rather than on the highways.

The Fuel Efficiency I got for the previous days run was 8.74 Km/ Liter which was quite decent compared to the previous figures that I was getting. Perhaps it was because I was driving quite cautiously since the tyre burst incident the previous day.

Finally made it out of Udaipur and were on NH76 on our way to Chittorgarh by 10AM ish. We were managing a good speed on this stretch moving at speeds of speed of 85-90 KMPH, we crossed Chittorgarh, Bhilwara. Stopped on the way for water, cold drinks at Dhabha, I think its next to a Bharat Petroleum Petrol Pump.

We crossed Bhilwara ByPass at 12Pm and had come another 40 Kms since, a total of 198 Kms from Udaipur that disaster struck again. I could feel the vehicle wobbling from the rear, only this time it was the rear left tyre. Expecting the worst I stepped down and it was pretty hot at 1230Pm and saw the tyre was flat, Didn’t see any tyre burst, so I heaved a bit of relief. Thinking that I’ll just stop at the next puncture guy and get it fixed. Worst come to worst, if they (the puncture repair shop) didn’t know how to repair a tubeless punctures, I’ll put a tube in the tyre, I always carry a spare tube with myself in my toolkit, these were the thoughts going on in my mind. Changed the tyre and started driving slowly, keeping an eye out for a puncture shop. Stopped at the first decent shop I saw. Upon showing him the tyre, he didn’t even open it and dropped the bomb shell. Saab jee, yeh tyre khatam hai” Sir this tyre is finished. I was devastated. Still not taking his word for it I told him to open the tyre and put the tube inside. ‘koi fiyda nahi hai’  ‘there’s no point comes’, his reply. Still on my insistence he opened the tyre and a bad rubber burning smell escaped form the inside of the tyre. Also when he opened the tyre, I could see the wires had come out at many of the places from in the inside sidewall. I was so crestfallen that I didn’t even want to take a picture of my misery. Just took the tyre back, tipped him a bit and started driving slowly, thinking what to do now.

Having come 200 Kms from Udaipur, Jaipur being another 225 Kms and Delhi 500 Kms from my current location.  My options were

  • I could head back to Udaipur being only 200 Kms and then try sourcing the tyre there. Then I thought I had a better chance of finding the tyre in Jaipur than in Udaipur.
  • To slowly make it for Jaipur and search for a tyre there. I had a couple of friends in Jaipur and they could help me with it.
  • Move to Delhi with out a spare tyre as with each passing Kilometer I was nearer to my destination.
  • Summon my driver to come from Delhi with the spare tyre as I already had one laying at home.

Finally after weighing my options I decided that I’ll go to Jaipur and search for a tyre there. If I get one then great otherwise might stay for the night in Jaipur and tell my driver to come over with the spare tyre. This looked to me as the most sensible decision , however I was more worried, Why is this happening. Two tyres bursting in succession withing just 900 Kms from each other.

Left the puncture repair shop at 1:15PM, stopped for lunch at a dhabha in Bagaru. After leaving Bagaru for Jaipur, a friend from Jaipur called me up and gave me the number of  a tyre dealer in Jaipur. He said that this guy had a tyre (old used one) of the same size and I could take it and use it as spare for my onward journey towards Delhi. I was elated. Problem Gaurav Dhaliwal Jaipur Tyre Gary's brothersolved then. I made into Jaipur and reached this tyre shop at 5PM, Best part was this his dealership was listed on the Sygic Maps database for Android phones. When I met this guy I realised that I’d already met him two years back in the Desert Storm Car Rally and his name was Gaurav. Gem of a person and said ‘koi problem hi nahi hai, I’ll just get it arranged’ . We started searching and searching and searching. Then one of his workers comes and informs him that he sold that batch of tyres to the scrap dealer just yesterday. I was again like Sad smile I then told him to arrange a new tyre for me. Upon making some calls we found out the nearest place this sized tyre was available was in New Delhi. Gaurav then offered to me that he had a set of same sized MT Mud Terrain Tyres very sparingly used, which he uses personally uses on his jeep. He said that I could take that tyre, as a spare and then upon reaching Delhi I would have to send it back to him. Fantastic idea I thought, but then the headache of sending the tyre back to Jaipur was something which I wanted to avoid. The only reason was I didn’t want to send it through transport, so I wanted to avoid it, if I could.  keeping that as a second option we decide that I would take an old Scorpio’s tyre 235/70/16 which comes to 29” in height. About 2 inches shorter than 275/70/16 which is 31” approx. So even if I had another flat, I could atleast keep on driving slowly and reach the nearest hotel/ motel and wait it out. Got that installed and at 630PM with out fingers crossed, we started our final leg towards Delhi, hopefully now without any hiccup.

Finally after traffic jams at Kotputli, Behror, Neemrana, Manesar both the Toll Plaza Manaser-Gurgaon and Gurgaon-Delhi we made it home in 6 Hours and 5 minutes covering a distance of 268 Kms achieving an Average Speed of 44KMPH with the best being the stretch between Jaipur By-Pass and Hotel Highway Kind 62KMPH and the worst being taking 30 minutes to cross a 1 Kilometer of the Behror stretch. I know I could have taken the Alwar, Bhiwadi route but running on a small spare tyre I wanted to play it safe and incase of any emergency (read another tyre burst) atleast if I were on the main highway I could summon for help from Delhi or Jaipur and they would know where to find me.

Day 011 Udpr-Del 26Mar2012The fuel efficiency I got on this stretch was the best during the entire trip. 10.01 KM/ Liter. Perhaps because I was driving very cautiously. No sudden acceleration, planning my braking, taking it very easy. I think that I should drive like this as it really makes a big difference in the overall fuel consumption, almost 20-25%.


This finally brings us to the end of this Travelogue.




The Complete map of the drive I undertook

Link on Google Maps

  1. Vikram Chadha
    September 6, 2013 at 10:02 PM


    My name is Vikram and I am planning to go to Daman & Diu from Faridabad with my wife and son. Could you please advise how safe it is to travel and how is the road condition.

    • September 21, 2013 at 5:53 PM

      Hi Vikram, it’s pretty safe. My policy of traveling on the highways is that I Travel only from Sunrise to Sunset. This way I can plan my night halts and any big or small town that falls on the highways I spend the night.
      I avoid traveling during the night at all costs.

  1. March 28, 2013 at 5:22 PM

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