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Toyota Land Cruiser- 10K Kms & Tyre Burst update :ODO now 145500 Kms

ODO Meter reading 145500

The last update of the vehicle was at 1361xx Kms in March 2012. Since then the vehicle’s been driven 9400 Kms in about 6 months time. Of this 9400 Kms majority of the drive was done on my Delhi – Goa – Delhi driving vacation. You can read about it here.

Goa Road Trip

The majority of the jobs done/ expenses incurred on the vehicle since then(Mar’12 136K Kms) have been as follows

  • May’12 – Full Comprehensive Insurance
  • Mar’12 – Bought a single tyres Prielli Scorpion in Baroda @ 140050 Kms (explained below)
  • Mar’12 & May’12 – 2 Normal Services @ 136535 Kms & 142442 Kms. The second service was slightly overdue as the vehicle was out of station at the time.
  • Jul’12 – Bought 4 new tyres Yokohama Geolanders AT-S @ 143090 Kms (explained below)
  • Aug’12 – Changed the Air Conditioner Blower 142223 Kms
  • Aug’12 – Replaced the Spider Kit for the Rear Shaft/ Differential 142223 Kms
  • Aug’12 – Changed the Studs & Nuts for the front right wheel (apparently it had been wrongly tightened which resulted in the grooves being worn out) 142223 Kms

I had an unfortunate incident of the rear two tyres bursting on my return trip from Goa in March’12. I have made some conclusions/ assumptions that why did this happen.

Tyre Burst incidents

Goa Road Trip- Drive from Goa- Mumbai- Udaipur- Delhi

Goa Road Trip – Udaipur to Delhi & Epilogue

The tyres were bought by me in Janruary 2011 from a friend who was using them on his vehicle (not as heavy as the TLC). They were in a very good shape and had run for 6-10K Kms approx, not sure.

The ODO then (Jan’11) was 111000 Kms

The tyres had burst at 139600 Rear Right and at 140400 Kms Rear Left.

They had burst after running approx 29000 Kms My Use and 8-10K Kms my friends use. So total usage approx 38-40K Kms on the tyres

During the course of my usage of the said tyres, I had made a foolish habit of keeping the air pressure 28PSI against the company recommended 33-35 PSI. Why one may ask: The vehicle felt quite smooth and well planted on the road.

The rear tyres had started wearing out unevenly, due to the suspension bushes had lived their life. As a result the outer edge of the tyres (both the rear left & right) had worn out more than the inside edges. So what I did was, after I got the suspension overhauled was turn the tyres around, inside-out. This was done for both the rear tyres.

On my trip to Goa I wasn’t very particular on getting the air pressure checked at regular intervals. So I believe that sometime during the course of the drive the rear tyres might have developed a slow puncture and that combined fully loaded vehicle and with all the above factors let to the tyres bursting incidents.

I am still thanking my stars that this happened on the rear tyres. Had this happened on the front the vehicle would have been difficult to control

Lesson from this

Always keep the air pressure properly monitored and in check. I’ve now started keeping 33-35psi and get it checked regularly.

I’ve decided that I will change the tyres between 40-45 K kms, irrespective of the amount of thread that might be left on the tyres.

Always carry 2 spare tyres, especially on long cross country trips.

I bought 4 new tyres because I had 2 old Yokohama Geolanders (front 2 left), 1 brand new Prielli Scorpion AT, 1 brand New unsued Michellin LTX AT & 1 brand new unused Yokohama Geolanders. I wanted to keep the tread pattern same so decided that I should buy 4 new Yokohama Geolanders AT-S, Keep the old unused one as spare and retain the Michellin & Prielli as backup at home. Also I am in the process of locating another rim and then will be carrying 2 spare tyres on long trips.

That is it for now.


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