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Trip Report- Travel Day 2 Ahmedabad to Diu

While we were in Ahmedabad we visited several places and missed visiting some of them so would be doing those left out in our next trip.
Places we visited were Gandhi Asharam, DASTAN the Car Musuem, Kanoria Lake,. These were done on the 16th and then on 17th we visited Adalaj ne Vav and the Indoria Dyno Park and then finally Vishala for dinner and snacks.

Drive from Ahmedabad to Diu
The the morning of 18th, we were up and ready and on the road at 8am.we drove through Bopal, Bavla, Bagodara, Lothal(didn’t halt here), Fedra, Pipali, Dholera, Adhelei and from here we took a right turn towards Velavadar. We were at Velavadar at 10AM and spent a good 2 hours at this place covering a total distance of approx 160am (this includes the to and fro to Velavadar and drop ve inside the park). At 1154am we started our final leg for the day’s destination Diu.
Again joining the the main highway at Adhelei we reached Diu at 1710 Hrs crossing Nari, Vartej, Sihor, Songadh, Sanosara, Ranghola, Dhasha, Chavand, Lathi, Amreli (took the bypass), Chalala, Dhari, Timberwal Forest check post, Tulsishyam, Una & finally at Diu.
The total distance during the day was a little over 453Kms and took approx a little more that 9 hours including 2hours of stoppage at Velavadar.

Road Conditions
The roads are mostly good leaving aside 18 Kms which traverses through the Gir Forest and is ridden with hundreds of speed breakers and mix of good to very bad roads. The rest of the complete stretch from Bhagdora onwards is single road but good. I maintained a driving speed of 85 to 95 Kmph, though I could nave easily done more but this is the speed that I maintain when travelling with family. Also the roads for a 1/2 a Km around Lathi is bad but under construction, so there’s hope there.
Initially I’d planned to stay in Diu for 2 nights but have decided to extend it by 1 night. Will be canceling my stay in Zainabad and leave that for a later time. She is another item gets added to the bucket list.
Will be uploading ng some pics later today in a separate post.
Cheers for now.
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