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30DayChallenge – What Is It & Why I Did It?

August 17, 2014 Leave a comment

When I started this #30DayChallenge I didn’t know whether I would be able to complete the challenge which I was about to attempt. What was this challenge all about? Well, without going too much into details let me briefly attempt to explain.

I’ve never been fond or let me say, I’ve never been a guy who’s fond of going to the gym and working out. To be frank I’ve never enjoyed it. So the options left to me were swimming and then other form of exercises like walking and cycling. Though I love swimming, the lack of good and affordable options to us Delhities ‘#MangoPeople’ who aren’t members of any elite social clubs are far and few. So the second best option left to me was cycling. I purchased my 1st cycle in 2008 and started cycling off & on. I wasn’t documenting it as I never cycled that regularly.

This went on for about 4 years  and during all this time I didn’t even cycle for more than 25-30% of this duration. Then in 2012 I purchased my 2nd cycle. A TREK Mountain Bike Model Gary Fisher Wahoo. The lure of a new bike made me very regular in cycling for the better part of 2012 and I cycled for a good 7430 Kms. Look at the monthly graph below.


Harjeev 's Cycling Stats for 2012 on Endomondo

Harjeev ‘s Cycling Stats for 2012 on Endomondo

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My Experience with Re-Issue of Passport

September 20, 2013 2 comments

Recently I got my son’s Passport Renewed/ Re-Issued and thought that I’ll share my experience. Though the old passport had expired way back in 2011 I wasn’t getting it renewed as, as soon as I thought about getting it done, I was reminded about standing in big long queues and that too early in the mornings for hours at ends and still, the previous time, it took three visits to the passport office for me to get the documents submitted.

When earlier this year in May someone told me that Tata Consultancy Services had taken over the initial process, I was hopeful that things may be different and decided to try my hands on this.

Upon searching on Google I visited the Passport Seva Website

Registration on the Website: Initially I had a little trouble registering a new user but soon got the hang of the website. Registered a new id (in my son’s name).  Once I was registered I logged into the website and choose to apply for a new passport. The instructions and menu’s in the website are self explanatory.

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FOR A NEW PASSPORT, EDIT & UPLOAD XML File: Upon going to the section of APPLY FOR A NEW PASSPORT I downloaded the Application File (PDF) from the site itself which has to be saved on your local machine and then data has to be entered in this PDF file itself. Once the data was entered, upon saving it, a XML file is generated. This file has to be then uploaded to the web portal itself.

PAYMENT & GETTING AN APPOINTMENT: Once the xml file was submitted successfully I was issued a RECEIPT for the same. Thereafter one has to make the Payment Fees for issue of the passport which in my case was Rs.1000 + Service Tax. And then an Appointment needs to be taken for submitting the originals and the rest of the formalities.

I was given an appointment for a date which was a good 25-30 days from the day of the submission of the documents. Perhaps it was due to the rush in the holiday season, nevermind I was in no hurry.

NOTE: though I made the payment in advance, I observed that some applicants were paying in cash at the venue itself.


There is a document checklist on the Web Portal itself where the applicant can choose what kind of a service he/ she is availing for example Fresh Issue/ Re-Issue/ Re-Issue within 3 years after 3 years of expiry and so on. Once this is selected correctly the web portal will give you a set of documents which you need to carry in original for the verification on the date of the appointment.

In my Son’s case it was

1. OLD PASSPORT IN ORIGINAL (this was verified, cancelled and returned)

2. ANNEXURE-H (Required in original in case of Minors with signature of both mother and father)


4. Self Attested photocopies of Mother’s and Father’s Passport


THE D-DAY. VISIT TO THE PASSPORT OFFICE: So on the appointed date I visited the Passport Office. After wasting a good 2 hours & going through 2 different verification processes I was informed that the Applicant needs to be present in person.

As my son was in school I had the option either to drop this and reapply later OR to pick him up from school and rush back to the passport office before the close of public dealing hours which was 1PM.

If I choose the former then I would have to let go of the thousand bucks and go over this hassle all over again. So I decided I would try to get it done today itself. As it was already close to 1130AM and the office closed at 1PM I spoke to the supervisor there, explained the situation. She agreed to let me in by 2PM. Reached school in a quarter of an hour and again I had to meet the supervisor at the school and explain the situation and she too, kindly agreed. All the while from the school back to the passport office my eye was constantly on the clock and we made it barely just in time around 5 minutes to 2 PM.

The forms were submitted and the entire process was completed with clockwork precision. I took some notes that day itself. Sharing them below.


Passport Renewal Process – My Experience

Everything was done online including the payment.

The process of taking the appointment was a little troublesome but rest everything was quite smooth.

Upon entering the office one has to take a Token No which is allotted from one of the four counters in the entrance hall. There is a photocopy machine here as well (Re.1 per print) and yes they give you the change back 😀

As the morning token had expired I had to taken a token again. There is a number on this token something like N38/W40 etc. This is the number which is flashed on the LCD Screens.

Then first we went to A8 series counter where the signature of the applicant was taken along with fingerprints and photograph. Also I was made to sign some documents for canceling the old passport.

Then we went to Counter B1. (This took a lot of time as lunch time had just ended and the no of applicants was huge. But thanks to the excellent waiting hall facilities we had some decent coffee and patties.)

When our number came the executive told me that the address of the wife was pre marriage and it needs to be changed. Noted down the details and promised that I’ll apply for the name and address change soon.

Then again after some waiting in the main hall we went to Counter C1.
At this counter the officer was not accommodating and refused to accept the forms due to the difference in the address of the mother and the father.

He directed me to the APO Assistant Passport Officer. This person I believe was the senior most officer in the entire office. We had to wait for at least 30-40 mins before our turn came.
We entered his office he again gave me a lecture that it’s been 10 years since the marriage and we should have done this long back, etc etc.

I told him that we’ll get it done at the earliest and he made me write on the application form itself that we’ll definitely get it done within 60days from today.

Once again the waiting game started for counter C and the number came on counter C1, same as earlier. This time though, it took only a short while for the procedure.
Then I was told that I would most likely get the Passport within 30 days but I should make sure that I apply for the name change at the earliest.
Upon exiting, there’s a last counter where one is given the acknowledgement for the submitted application.

I also filled up the form for feedback.


Points Noted

Persons at the Entrance Hall Counters and Counter A series are all TCS employees.

Their services are quite good and efficient.

Toilets are also very clean.

Waiting all is clean, squawky, and with Big LCD screens so that one knows when the number is coming and/ or how long the wait will be.

The employees at counter series B & C including the APO are GOI employees.

I ain’t prejudice but one can make this out from the clothes they’re wearing and their altitude, especially the way they move about doing their work.

I entered the office at 11am & exited at 430pm. This includes 2 hours that I spent when I went to pick up my son from school.

It was raining heavily and I got completely drenched by the time I reached my car.
Parking is free and easily available.

Documents Needed:

Self Attested Photocopies of Father’s Mother’s & Rajvansh’s Passport were required.

Original’s were also verified.

The Print of the ‘Passport Application Form’ were not required (I’d taken them along)

Annexure H was also submitted in original.

Print of Payment Receipt & Date of Appointment Letter

Review posted on FB

“Just returned. It took almost the whole day.

Forms submitted and I should say that the quality of service has increased dramatically. One doesn’t even get he feeling of being in a government office. The 1st and 2nd level of staff is FROM TCS and the 3rd and 4th are of GOI. The best part is that they have well stocked Canteen, Clean Loos, Photocopying facilities, and on top the entire information being displayed on LCD’s. So no standing in lines. When ones number is displayed, just walk to the counter and get your work done.

Looks like India has started TO Shine, in some parts.

Also I didn’t mention that all he documents we submitted 3 weeks ago online and even the payment transferred by Credit Card. So only those people who’ve been granted appointment for a particular day can come and get their work done. No unnecessary rush of people.”


10th Jun’13:    Application Submitted

02nd Jul’13:    Appointment 1. This was cancelled and post-phoned.

24th Jul’13:     Appointment 2. All the above formalities were completed on this day.

25th Jul’13:     Email recd for Initiation of Police Verification

28th Jul’13:     I don’t remember exactly but the police verification was completed on 27th or 28th of July

05th Jul’13:     Passport Delivered at Home by Speed Post

In hindsight it was a great experience and now I would never shy for renewal and/ or re-issue of the passports. Lets hope other government departments also learn and implement changes like these to make the life of the population easier.

Enclosing some pictures of the passport office to took while I was there

Proper seating in the Waiting Hall

Proper seating in the Waiting Hall



The Screens in the waiting Hall

The Screens in the waiting Hall



Is it Hindustan or Hindoostan, you decide…

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

A request to everyone who share their ancestral origin not from India but Hindustan or I should say Hindoostan, as this is what it was called way back in 1831,

please see the enclosed video clip…


 Credit for the video goes to TheVinayKumarSingh 


After viewing the above clip I did a small search and came across the following picture of Hindoostan

Hindustan Hindoostan map 1831

Hindustan map, 1831

Photo sourced from wikipedia and provided by Anthony Finley from the David Rumsey Collection of Historic Maps (as on 28th September 2010)

For a bigger version of the picture please visit Hindoostan Map

Also on Wikipedia I came across the following write-up

Credit for the following again goes to

“Hindustan (Hindi: हिन्दुस्तान, Urdu: ہندوستان, both Hindustān [ɦɪndʊˈstaːn]) "Land of River Sindhu (Indus)", is one of the popular names of South Asia. Though the meaning of Hindustan has evolved over the years, after the partition of India it primarily refers to the Republic of India.”


“Hindustan is derived from the Persian word Hindu, which is itself is derived from Sindhu, the original Sanskrit name of Indus River. Sindhu is a river in Sanskrit, in Persian it becomes Hindu.[2] This together with a popular suffix -stān (Sanskrit `Sthānam’, Old Persian ‘sthāna’, meaning place) [3][4] gave birth to the word Hindustan, which was rendered as Hindustan.[5] In modern Persian, either Hind or Hindustan may be used to refer to India.”

More info can be found by visiting this link here

Hello world!

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello World,

This is my first post on WordPress and I hope to get the hang of it in the time to come.

For the time being I am just posting the link to my Facebook profile. Slowly and gradually I will be posting links, creating posts and pages about stuff that I like do and have interest in.

Cheers for now

Harjeev Chadha

Heres a link to my Facebook Profile

EDIT: 27th September 2010

Some of you might think that as this is my first post how come there are so many older posts below.

Well those are older posts that I have imported from my older blog on

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All about Diff Ratios 4.27, 4.88, 5.38 etc etc etc

July 15, 2010 1 comment

Hey all
This thing is quite confusing for me as well, so I thought that I might as well share some information that I am still trying to understand, for the benefit of all.
I would at present just tabulate the info as and when I get my hands on it and later on I might put it properly.
Most of the info is from teambhp and I would also be posting the relevant link along with the information I update
Also to note is that I would be changing, editing the info on this page from time to time. Therefore overtime the information on this page might change

The difs can be 5.38, 4.88, 4.22, etc

5.38 gives max torque and lower speed.
4.27 gives less torque and more speed comparatively.

Now, your 4.88 is a perfect compromise for speed and torque. However, this suitable for the OE 215/75/15 tyres which are approx 29.5″ in diameter.
Thus, for every rotation of your tyre, your axle moves 4.88 times. Or you can say that your axle needs to rotate 4.88 times to move your tyre by one revolution.
Your 31″ tyres now will cover more ground per revolution. Thus you will get more on-road speed. But, when you come to off road terrain, you will loose power since they axle has to work more to rotate the tyre and also the 31″ tyre is very heavy.

Thus, to come back to the same efficiency as the original 4.88, when you put 31″ tyres, you have to change your dif to 5.38.[/quote]


So as per the above I have checked my CJ3B and the diff ratio is 5.38 or 44:8

4.27 is 47/11 and 5.38 is 43/8.

MM540 came with 5.38:1. MM540 / MM550 with XD3P engine came with 4.88:1. Even today, Bolero SLX 4 wheel drive comes with 4.88:1 only.


Let Consider the total Toque Developed including the gearing at each wheel

For KMT-90-4WD & 4.27

(3.986 X 2.46 X 4.27 X 15.5kgm)/4 (no. of Wheels)= 162.2 Kgm per Wheel.

For KMT90-4WD & 5.38 = 204Kgm per Wheel.

The Advantage of 5.38:1 is
1) Better torque on the wheels
2) Better Crawl Speed (Slower the better)
3) compensates the Wheel Speed for taller Tyre (31″)


Hi Garrett,

New Tyre OD / Old Tyre OD X Diff-Ratio = Corrected Diff-Ratio

31/28(standard for JEEPs) X 4.88 (standard for XD3P) = 5.40:1

Any thing Lower you will Lower End grunt end and gain Top End speed.




A small writeup on jeeps produced around the world with a summary on engine specification, gearbox and transfer case!!!

August 15, 2009 1 comment

The following information was upload by a friend of mine on this thread

It is a small writeup on jeeps produced around the world with a summary on he type of engine, gearbox & transfercase
QuoteOk here is my answer to your query. Some of the data may wrong as I consolidated from the internet after a long crawl.

The following models from Willys, Ford and Mahindra are called SWB (Short Wheel base i.e. 81inches wheel base) 

1. Willys MA (Godevil L-Head 134 4 Cylinder 60bhp / 3spd T84 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

2. Willys MB (Godevil L-Head 134 4 Cylinder 60bhp / 3spd T84 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

3. Ford GPW (Godevil L-Head 134 4 Cylinder 60bhp / 3spd T84 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

4. Willy CJ2A (Godevil L-Head 134 4 Cylinder 60bhp / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

5. Willys CJ3A (Godevil L-Head 134 4 Cylinder 60bhp / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 2 lever lever transfer case)

6. Willys M38 (Godevil L-Head 134 4 Cylinder 60bhp / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

7. Willys CJ3B (Hurricane F-Head 134 4 Cylinder 72bhp / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

8. Willys CJ4 (Hurricane F-Head 134 4 Cylinder 72bhp / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case) – o

nly one jeep was made under this name and sold to factory employee, so don’t search for this model 

7. Mahindra CJ3B (Hurricane F-Head 134 4 Cylinder 72bhp / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

8. Kaiser CJ5 (Hurricane F-Head 134 4 Cylinder 72bhp / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

9. Mahindra CJ340 (Peugeot XDP 4.90 2112cc 4 Cylinder 62bhp / 4spd KMT90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

10. Mahindra CL340 DP (Peugeot XDP 4.90 2112cc 4 Cylinder 62bhp / 4spd KMT90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

11. Mahindra CL340 DP -Classic (Peugeot XDP 4.90 2112cc 4 Cylinder 62bhp / 4spd KMT90 gearbox with T18 single lever transfer case)


The following models Mahindra are called MWB (Medium Wheel base i.e.91inches wheel base) 

1. CJ4A (Hurricane F-Head 134 4 Cylinder 72bhp / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

2. CJ500D (International Harvester B275 2350CC 38BHP / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

3. MM440 (Hurricane F-Head 134 4 Cylinder 72bhp / 3spd T90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

4. MM540 DP (Peugeot XDP 4.90 2112cc 4 Cylinder 62bhp / 4spd KMT90 gearbox with T18 2 lever transfer case)

5. MM540 XD (Peugeot XD3P 4 Cylinder 2456CC 72BHP/ 4spd KMT90 gearbox with T18 single lever transfer case)

6. MM550 ISZ – ([COLOR=black]1.8L Isuzu PETROL ENGINE / [/COLOR]5 spd BA10 with borgwarner single lever transfer case))

7. MM550 XDB (Peugeot XD3P 4 Cylinder 2456CC 72 / 5 spd BA10 with borgwarner single lever transfer case)

8. MM550 XD (Peugeot XD3P 4 Cylinder 2456CC 72-76BHP / 4spd KMT90 gearbox with T18 single lever transfer case)

9. CJ500DI – (International Engine aka. MDI3000 ????? )

10. CL500 MDI /CL550 MDI – (International Harvester B575 2650cc 59BHP / 5spd BA10 gearbox with borgwarner single lever or Electric transfer case)

11. CL550DI TC – (MDI 3200TC 2650cc 68BHP / 5spd BA10 / NGT520 gearbox with borgwarner single lever or Electric transfer case)“Unquote

types of jeep jeeps 4×4 willys cj3b MA WILLYS MB GPW CJ2A CJ3A WILLYS CJ3B CJ4 CJ5 KAISER CJ340 MAHINDRA CL340 CL340DP CJ340 MAHINDRA CLASSIC SWB CJ4A CJ500 MM550 MM540 MM550 XDP XD3P CJ500DI CL550DI CL500MDI CL550MDI T18 T90 KMT90 B575
types of jeep willys MB GPW CJ2A CJ3A CJ3B CJ4 CJ5 KAISER CJ340 CL340 CJ340 CLASSIC SWB CJ4A CJ500 MM550 MM540 XDP XD3P CJ500DI CL550DI CL500MDI CL550MDI T18 T90 KMT90 B575
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