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OTR on 1st January 2011

January 7, 2011 16 comments

Continuing with the previous post here are the pictures of the 1st January 2010.

All the pictures are courtesy Harbeer Singh Chadha.

Same as always the meetup place was Signature Towers NH8.  The meetup time was noon but by the time we guys left Signature Towers it was 15mins to 1PM. From here on I’ll let the pics do the talking

Following are the pics of Bobbie in is, well it used to be referred as the Black Mamba but after painting it yellow, I am not sure what to rename it…

Seen in the following pics Bobbie is eager to check the latest addition to his jeep, the 33” Yokohama MT’s followed by me in my CJ3B in 31” Maxxis Mudzillas being looked upon by eager villagers





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2011 starts with a big bang OTR. a glimpse of pics to come…

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

2011 starts with a big bang OTR. a glimpse of pics to come…

We guys went for another off-roading session on the 1st of January 2011 to,,, well break-in the new year and here is a glimpse of what we did that day.
Over the course of the next couple of days I would be uploading a series of pictures and some videos about that days activities.

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Big Boots for the small car…

December 15, 2010 4 comments

I’ve been driving a stock CJ3B since the past 2 years. All this while on stock 6.00 X 16 Non Directional Mud & Snow tyres, more commonly known as NDMS Tyres.

Pictures by Sukhpal OTR 20th December 2009 6 Pictures by Sukhpal OTR 20th December 2009 2 Pictures by Sukhpal OTR 20th December 2009 3 Pictures by Sukhpal OTR 20th December 2009 1

Picture curtsy: Sukhpal Khlabanda

Recently I came to know that a friend of mine was disposing off a set of 4 tyres of his vehicle I decided to buy and try them out on my CJ3B.

IMG00407-20101118-2047 IMG00409-20101118-2047 


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Slush Fest: NIOC OTR at DND 17th Nov 2010 – Part II

December 7, 2010 1 comment

I am really sorry for delay in posting the second part of the pics and videos. So without further delay heres the second and final set of pictures and videos for that day events.


So after negotiating the water on one side of the embankment we headed to the other side of the trail and we could see lots of water and it looked very inviting.

I having completed water crossing on one side, maybe got a little over confident and well… l

DND 101 CJ3B Stuck


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Slush Fest: NIOC OTR at DND 17th Nov 2010 – Part I

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

As the 17th of November 2010 was a holiday due to Id, so some of us from the NIOC gang thought lets get together and go for some off-roading. Having heard lots about the river bank around the DND Expressway (Delhi-Noida-Delhi Expressway) but never been at this track, this place was chosen for the the days excursion. 

Being a holiday we guys took it easy and started the OTR around 11am ish.

 OTR 2010  November 17 DND8

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All about Diff Ratios 4.27, 4.88, 5.38 etc etc etc

July 15, 2010 1 comment

Hey all
This thing is quite confusing for me as well, so I thought that I might as well share some information that I am still trying to understand, for the benefit of all.
I would at present just tabulate the info as and when I get my hands on it and later on I might put it properly.
Most of the info is from teambhp and I would also be posting the relevant link along with the information I update
Also to note is that I would be changing, editing the info on this page from time to time. Therefore overtime the information on this page might change

The difs can be 5.38, 4.88, 4.22, etc

5.38 gives max torque and lower speed.
4.27 gives less torque and more speed comparatively.

Now, your 4.88 is a perfect compromise for speed and torque. However, this suitable for the OE 215/75/15 tyres which are approx 29.5″ in diameter.
Thus, for every rotation of your tyre, your axle moves 4.88 times. Or you can say that your axle needs to rotate 4.88 times to move your tyre by one revolution.
Your 31″ tyres now will cover more ground per revolution. Thus you will get more on-road speed. But, when you come to off road terrain, you will loose power since they axle has to work more to rotate the tyre and also the 31″ tyre is very heavy.

Thus, to come back to the same efficiency as the original 4.88, when you put 31″ tyres, you have to change your dif to 5.38.[/quote]


So as per the above I have checked my CJ3B and the diff ratio is 5.38 or 44:8

4.27 is 47/11 and 5.38 is 43/8.

MM540 came with 5.38:1. MM540 / MM550 with XD3P engine came with 4.88:1. Even today, Bolero SLX 4 wheel drive comes with 4.88:1 only.


Let Consider the total Toque Developed including the gearing at each wheel

For KMT-90-4WD & 4.27

(3.986 X 2.46 X 4.27 X 15.5kgm)/4 (no. of Wheels)= 162.2 Kgm per Wheel.

For KMT90-4WD & 5.38 = 204Kgm per Wheel.

The Advantage of 5.38:1 is
1) Better torque on the wheels
2) Better Crawl Speed (Slower the better)
3) compensates the Wheel Speed for taller Tyre (31″)


Hi Garrett,

New Tyre OD / Old Tyre OD X Diff-Ratio = Corrected Diff-Ratio

31/28(standard for JEEPs) X 4.88 (standard for XD3P) = 5.40:1

Any thing Lower you will Lower End grunt end and gain Top End speed.




I take the CJ3B for another OTR (off the road)….

July 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey Guys

Its been a long time since I updated this thread. Barring some petty issues not much has happened since my last update!!!

I took the CJ3B for another OTR on the 21st of June 2009. It was actually a recce off the Bherampur track(not sure whether its Bherambur or Badshapur, I always get confused between the two But this is the track where we take a left from Haldiram on the NH8). Found a really nice extension of the track and this is where we are planning the forthcoming OTR on July 19th. We guys started early in the morning around 6 and were finished around noon!!!

The CJ3B preformed wonderfully never letting me down. Managed to do all the obstacles with relative ease.
I got a flat tyre. Driver side front!!! I guess I dint get them checked after the Faridabad OTR and went to another OTR after that with just topping up the air pressure. So Changed the tyre. A while later Amit’s jeep also had a flat. His 540 was also there at the Faridabad OTR. Now we were 3 jeeps with only 1 spare tyre to go. Luckily the tyres on all were NDMS 6 X 16’s.
We decided that if we get another flat, we’ll head back home as there’s no point taking unnecessary risk’s.

Just before we were leaving, checked up on the water level and just about less than half a pint was added to the radiator. The outside temperature must have been about 44 degrees but felt much more. It was Very Very HOT. The temp gauge was constantly at 60-65 degrees, occasionally rising upto 80 when were driving slowly or were stationary.
This I perfect I guess??? I can now say that the heating issue is resolved for good!!!

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Another OTR another problem & thankgod for the problem….

June 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey Guys
I took the CJ3B for another OTR on the 16th May 2009. Although the performance was OK, but the heating issue raised its ugly head once again. I thought that the heating issue was at bay, but as the vehicle was giving a lot of black smoke I decided to get the following job done. Whether this was a blessing in disguise or a curse, only time will tell 😉

I gave the vehicle to the mechanic in Mayapuri on the 11th of May and got it back the next day. The job list was

  • Carburetor Service
  • Change the piston rings
  • Put in a new fuel pump
  • Change the electronic fuel pump to UCAL

These job was done and had cost me a total of Rs.4,600!!!
Here are the details
(Head Gasket 120, Chamber Packing 20, 5 Liter Mobil Oil 825, 1 set piston rings 320, 1 hose pipe 50, Misc 350, Fuel Pump 750, Electronic Pump 525, Labor 1600 Kerosene Oil Cleaning 100) Although I gave the vehicle to get rid of the while smoke, I dint know at that time that just by being there for one night, it will catch the old illness once again.

For the next couple of days I took it trice back to Mayapuri to solve the issue, but in vain. So not giving much thought to it I decided to take it for an OTR but wasn’t I in for a rude shock and that too a very nasty one.
read on
OTR Day 16th
I left my home with the radiator full of water, picked up my cousin from DLF, and see what. Radiator was almost empty. Reached the meet up point DLF Golf Course, water finish again. I was simply fed up and frustrated. To cut the long story short, all in all the vehicle consumed more than 15-16 liters of water during the entire OTR and on the way back to my home even stalled on ridge road. Imagine 1AM in the morning and your vehicle refuses to move an inch. I was so tired that for a split second my mind flirted with the thought of maybe selling it. But maybe I was lucky, it started after a couple of minutes and I reached back safely.

17th May 2009
Next Day morning

But next day in the morning I thought that it couldn’t be all that bad. After all its a piece machinery and there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Also at the same time I decided that Mayapuri is not the place for petrol engines. The fault was not in the 3B, the fault was in Mayapuri. These guys are simply not up to it or they do not understand it. So I called up Jasvinder Singh who is a member of Northern India Off-Road Club (NIOC) and owns a garage in Noida. The mechanic he has is very competent and many of the NIOC veterans vouch for his workmanship.
I called him up early and my vehicle was at his workshop at 11 AM on Sunday the 17th of May 2009.

At the Garage
I went to the workshop with the intention of getting the complete engine overhaul. The things on top of my mind were the heating issue and the slippage of the High-Low lever from High ratio into neutral. So I told him that I just wanted a reliable vehicle and he should do whatever he feels is correct. But at the same time I too told him that I have spent a fortune in first buying 3 vehicles (MM550, CJ3B & WILLYS 3B) so I do not that that much money to spare and he should do the bare essentials.
The best thing I liked is that the mechanic had a look at the vehicle, he simple said that the engine does not require an engine overhaul. WHAT!!!
He said that the certain settings needed to be done like valve timings, tappet settings, radiator was local and needed to be changed and many other things. But the engine dint need an overhaul. I was impressed. Even thought I went there with the intention of doing the complete overhaul, he said that you want to spend the money then spend it, but the engine does not need an overhaul.
So I simply said that do whatever needs to be done and get it working like it should. Flawlessly!!!

28th May, 2009
During the time the vehicle was there

  • The radiator has been changed. The old one was leaking from the bottom
  • The head gasket was leaking and water was seeping in the 2nd and 3rd chamber. So this has been replaced. Strangely the head gasket was replaced at Mayapuri thrice , but I believe that those gaskets must have been local and were giving way under pressure or wouldn’t have been installed properly. But I am not surprised anymore
  • The Carburetor has been serviced. There was lot of dirt in it. This too was serviced in Mayapuri.
  • The transfer along with the gearbox has been overhauled and one of the gears/ rotors was completely worn out and since been changed.
  • The engine has been tuned. Tapets &and Valves have been set. (Now to me all this is rocket science I have just heard and reproducing it) ;-))

The work on the CJ3B is now complete. I told Jasvinder to drive around the vehicle for a couple of days and see whether any issue crops up. as I was certainly in no hurry. Also as there was an OTR coming up on Sunday the 31st May, 09, he and me me agreed that he will get the vehicle to the OTR venue and drive it around to see if any more issues remained to be resolved. This way I could drive around in the 550, which I was very eager, and my 3B could also be tested. Further by doing it this way, I was saved the effort of first getting the vehicle from Noida to my home, then driving it to the OTR and god forbid any issue crops up again taking it back to Noida. So this was the best way out.

31st May 2009

Well I would say the the performance of my 3B couldn’t be better at the OTR. No heating, no stalling. Nothinig!!!
The CJ3B was driven from Noida to Gorgaon, did the OTR and the terrain was sand, rock etc, so driving was mostly in 4×4 many times needing the low ratio too. No heating NOTHING!!!
I couldn’t be happier. After a long time I truly enjoyed my vehicles. The performance of the 550 was great and the 3B was also very well behaved. In fact Jasvinder told be that they filled up the radiator with coolant 3 days back and drove it in Noida for 30-40 kms, then from Noida to Gurgaon, did the OTR and then back to Noida. He din’t add a drop of water in it. I was surprised as it was too good to true, but luckily it was.
The 4×4 slippage was finished, the sound of the engine, What sound the sound had vanished and I could simply hear the sound of the fan. Good job accomplished. Now I think why I din’t go there earlier. Had I did, I would have saved if not money but at least lots of time and effort.

I brought the vehicle from Noida yesterday back home and was driving at speeds of 70-75km/hr and no heating. Infact the temperature refuses to go above 60. It actually stays between 40-60 and in crawling traffic too, is between 60-80 degrees. Now I think that I need a thermostat as the optimum temperature the engine should run is around 80 degrees or so. But let me enjoy this new found luxury for some days.
Total bill at the workshop Rs.11,000/- which included the radiator for 4,000 bucks and 2500 for the gearbox and transfer case overhaul. All in all I would rate the job satisfaction 100 out of 100. Infact 110 out of 100.

All comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Here are some pictures of the CJ3B at the 31st May’s OTR

Some more random shots

Yours truly ;-))

Chilling out at Rockman’s Beer Island post OTR

My MM550

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CJ3B goes for the 1st OTR

May 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey Guys
I took the 3B for its 1st OTR on the 6th of May09.
It was good fun but as the OTR started very late I couldn’t really experiment and get to know the capabilities of my jeep.

Some of the issues that I have faced or am facing are and changes done to the vehicle

  • I have added spark plug adapters. As The vehicle is giving alot of white smoke, I thought that this would be a good solution for the time being.
  • I have decided to change the engine rings and this will be done next week.
  • The status of the heating issue is such like on my way to Gurgaon for the OTR the temperature went up to almost 110 degrees. All this while I was driving at speeds of 60-65 km/hr. But on the way back I drove around 40 ish and the temperature dint go above 80. So is driving slow the solution? The only issue is that it becomes very boring when you are alone and the road in front of you is totally empty. But I am told that once I change the rings I might be able to drive at a little higher speeds.
  • The electric pump that I am using is a local make and I am changing that to UCAL electric pump.
    As I am sending the vehicle to the mechanic on Monday, I am changing the complete fuel system. Also I have decided to place the electric fuel pump next to the fuel tank itself. The carburetor will also be overhauled along with the rest of the work.
  • I have also decided to change the manual fuel pump too. The problem is that UCAL is not available and the one available is PICKO or something like that.
  • Last week I had an issue. The oil from the oil filter completely leaked from the jeep. This happened after I started the jeep after 5 days and took one round of my colony at very high revs. This actually happened the 2nd time. So upon discussion with the mechanic he concluded that the oil pressure is too high and he adjusted it. So now on ‘idle’ the oil pressure remains around ‘1’ and the max it goes to is ‘4’.Earlier on Idle it used to remain around 4 and upon very low revs used to go to the MAX 7!!!
  • Many a times, but not always the 4×4 High–Neutral–Low lever slips to Neutral. Also this happens more on high revs and really becomes an issue when off-roading. But When I am on 4×4 low its never slips back to Neutral

So this is the gist of what I am planning to do now. All suggestion/ comments are welcome!!!

Here are some pics of my CJ3B and of OTR
Randeep & Naveen


Another picture

The night sky

The feast 😉

My CJ3B royally stuck

Getting the Jeep CJ3B home!!!

April 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Update on April 18th, 2009

Hey guys
I have been busy over the past week, that’s the reason that I haven’t been able to update this thread.

Alot has happened since I wrote last.

Petrol Tank issue I had no luck with the original fuel tank, so I purchased a local (desi) tank and put that in. In the meantime the spare part guy is on the lookout for a new petrol tank, and as soon as he finds one I will take it and put it as a spare.
The Hood and the Seats As I wrote last, I got the rear seats frame fabricated new from Mayapuri itself. I found and bought an original driver seat. The passenger seat is the same that came with the jeep. All the seats have been fabricated and covered with the army print seat covers
Electricals & Misc The re-wiring has been with all old fittings changed The front D hooks and rhino hook has been fixed.
Delivery Day
On Tuesday the 14th, I was in Mayapuri for the whole day and after a little this and a little that, finally I got the jeep at 8 in the night. I can tell you all that the small-small things take the most time. And the most difficult part is trying to get these guys work on your vehicle.
Anyways with everything ready, I took the jeep home. The ride though enjoyable, but I was very tired, Standing since 10 in the morning, and the Delhi traffic didn’t do anything to help.

The problems faced by me on the drive back were

  • The vehicle was very hard to drive. I mean the wheels were not moving freely. When I was standing on an incline the vehicle even though in neutral was not moving backwards.
  • The gear lever was very tight and I had to literally fight with it to engage the gears.
  • The 2nd gear used to slip into neutral every now an then, while driving
  • The small 4×4 lever, one used to set the high and low ratio was also slipping into neutral too often.
  • The engine was loosing a lot of oil from the oil filter
  • The jeep was heating a lot too. I mean that 10 kms from Mayapuri to my house, the temperature had risen to 120 degrees. I was shocked!!!

Now these were some of the problems that I faced, but as I had anticipated and know that it will be a while before most of the issues are sorted out.

So next day 15th April I left the jeep back at the mechanic, and told him to give me a call when it was ready. Received the call in the evening and then next evening on Thursday the 16th I went to pick it up.
Now it drove much better than what it was driving like earlier.

  • The wheels were loosened and now it was driving like it should.
  • The gear lever was changed. They call it something like a Tapa. So the gears were engaging properly.
  • The 2nd gear was not slipping now.
  • The 4×4 High-N-Low lever also didn’t slip into neutral
  • The heating, Oil dripping issue, well I will have to drive it around to see whether they are resolved. The radiator cap was missing, so a new one was bought and put on the vehicle.

So I took the car from the mechanic and got new footwear for the CJ3B from Khan Market.
I bought four new MRF 6×16’s NDMS. Paid 2450 per tyre and tube.
While I was there, I got the Ignition coil also changed. The earlier one was not changed by the electrician and was heating alot. So I put in a new ignition coil, the same one that is put in an Amby with an Isuzu motor. 380 for the coil and 50 for the fitting.

The sad part was the heating problem still remained. For even a 10 KM ride the vehicle takes in almost 2 liters of water. Also there is no visible leak in the radiator. But the funny thing is that the temperature gauge was not rising at all. Was this because I was refilling the radiator with water every hour or so????? I do not know.

Secondly the oil leak issue also remains. This I discovered next day in the morning. On a cold start the oil used to come out like a jet from the oil filter. Also I discovered that oil was leaking from the gearbox too.

I thought that the heating issue is because of the chocked radiator and I better get it cleaned. So I took it Mayapuri yesterday evening to show the problem. You see when I start from my house I top up the radiator and reach mayapuri drive time 20 mins distance must be 12-14 kms and the vehicle take in 2 liters of water.
So the mechanic examined it. After examination he told me to send the vehicle next morning and he will get the radiator cleaned, and also he suspects that the head gasket has a slight leak, so he will change that too.
Secondly the oil filter was taken out and the problem for the oil leakage was an oversized rubber ring as a result of which the oil was leaking from the gap when under pressure.
Oil was also leaking from the gearbox chamber and the engine chamber, so this too he said that he will check today. But this was veryless compared to the oil spurting out from the oil filter.

My driver is there now getting these thing resolved. Hopefully it would be done today.

Another peculiar issue that I am facing is that, the vehicle refuses to start in the morning, unless I take off the air hose on the carburetor and put the palm of my hand on top. I am not able to understand this problem….

Starting Problem on the CJ3B Posted on April 20, 2009

Hey guys
I have having this peculiar problem with my 3B.
It refuses to start in the morning, even after prolonged periods of cranking the engine.

I am not able to understand the problem. But once it starts which is after i press the palm of my hand on the carburetor, after removing the air filter pipe, thereafter it starts with half a crank.

Moreover when I talk to my mechanic he says that its ok as it is an old vehicle. Further to show him the problem, I have to take the vehicle to his workshop and to do that I have to start it with the palm of my hand and take it to him.

Please advise as I know that even if an old vehicle, and that too a petrol it is bound to start easily and not manually.


What I have done today is added the electric fuel pump. Now I will check tomorrow morning and see if the same problem occurs tomorrow morning…

BTW I came back and parked the jeep around 2 PM and the driver tried to crank the jeep late in the evening, it would not start. So I went and switched on the electric pump for 3-4 secs and then while it was on cranked and it started with half a self. But I would be satisfied if this is helpful in the morning’s too…

Result next morning…

Good news guys!!!
I tried starting my jeep today morning, first without using the electronic fuel pump. Again the same issue. It did not start

Then I used the electronic fuel pump for 5 or maybe 6 seconds and while it was still on, cranked the engine. And WOLLA it started without a hitch!!!!

I am so happy!!!

I had a little doubt in my mind yesterday whether this contraption will work or not… Thank god it did…

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