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Videos of Off-Roading over the Years

January 18, 2013 2 comments

Hey Guys,

Its already a bit late by nevertheless its never too to share greetings ‘Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous new year’. I’ve been guilty of being lazy, infact quite lazy with updating this blog so here I am starting this year with sharing some videos of off-roading.

This first video is my decent from Rohtang Pass. This was taken in Sept’12 on my drive from Kaza to Manali. As can be seen from the video, its nothing short of being termed as off-road gauging from the terrain, the slush, etc.

Descending the Rohtang Pass through the infamous Rani Nalha on 13thSept2012

For best quality, after you hit Play, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right, and choose 720HD.

I started Off-Roading way back in December 2008. Infact I shared this in my 1st blog post

Harjeev’s M&M MM550 XD 4×4- The making of an Off-Roader


IMG_7938Since that time I must have taken hundreds infact thousands of pictures through the years. Most of these pictures are on my hard drive, just sitting there. So I thought, what would it be like to share these with everyone. However the problem was that no one in the world has neither the time nor the patience to sit and see 6500 pictures, atleast I don’t. So getting the clue from time-lapse branch of photography, I started to experiment on converting these images into a short video.

Some details of the enclosed video

  • 6258 Total number of pictures
  • Used Lightroom to merge the images together
  • Frame Rate per Sec(FPS) 10
  • Length of the video 10:26Mins (6258 Images @ 10fps= 626sec or 10 mins & 25.8 sec
  • Music from Youtube Voyage- Sorena2009- Instrumental
  • The video in HD of 720p. So please change the quality from the menu in Youtube

The resultant video looks a bit fast however this is my first experiment with combining images together. Will be uploading more videos in future with lower frame rate and shorter length of 2-3mins each.

Off-Roading over the years

For best quality, after you hit Play, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right, and choose 720HD.

The following is a short video taken on 12th of Jan’2013. This again is a set images and compiled @ 3.33 FPS. For best quality, after you hit Play, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right, and choose 720HD.


This last video was taken on 10th Dec 2011

For best quality, after you hit Play, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right, and choose 720HD.

Some Off-Roading Videos from past OTR’s

March 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Some off-roading videos from past OTR’s

Curtsey Rahul Roy

Gypsy at the climb, Tijara, Rajasthan


CJ3B negotiates the rut. DND, Noida, Delhi

Harjeev crosses the slush and makes it look easy



Harjeev takes the fodder for buffalo

Down the incline



Trying to get the CJ3B out of the rut




CJ3B on the incline after the Gypy


Another video of Slush crossing

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Mahindra Great Escape, The Original Trail

September 7, 2011 4 comments

The first set of pictures for the OTR event organised by Northern Motorsports to show the original trail which was shortlisted but had to be abandoned owing to the difficulty, for the Mahindra Great Escape, Delhi

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OTR on 1st January 2011

January 7, 2011 16 comments

Continuing with the previous post here are the pictures of the 1st January 2010.

All the pictures are courtesy Harbeer Singh Chadha.

Same as always the meetup place was Signature Towers NH8.  The meetup time was noon but by the time we guys left Signature Towers it was 15mins to 1PM. From here on I’ll let the pics do the talking

Following are the pics of Bobbie in is, well it used to be referred as the Black Mamba but after painting it yellow, I am not sure what to rename it…

Seen in the following pics Bobbie is eager to check the latest addition to his jeep, the 33” Yokohama MT’s followed by me in my CJ3B in 31” Maxxis Mudzillas being looked upon by eager villagers





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Big Boots for the small car…

December 15, 2010 4 comments

I’ve been driving a stock CJ3B since the past 2 years. All this while on stock 6.00 X 16 Non Directional Mud & Snow tyres, more commonly known as NDMS Tyres.

Pictures by Sukhpal OTR 20th December 2009 6 Pictures by Sukhpal OTR 20th December 2009 2 Pictures by Sukhpal OTR 20th December 2009 3 Pictures by Sukhpal OTR 20th December 2009 1

Picture curtsy: Sukhpal Khlabanda

Recently I came to know that a friend of mine was disposing off a set of 4 tyres of his vehicle I decided to buy and try them out on my CJ3B.

IMG00407-20101118-2047 IMG00409-20101118-2047 


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Slush Fest: NIOC OTR at DND 17th Nov 2010 – Part II

December 7, 2010 1 comment

I am really sorry for delay in posting the second part of the pics and videos. So without further delay heres the second and final set of pictures and videos for that day events.


So after negotiating the water on one side of the embankment we headed to the other side of the trail and we could see lots of water and it looked very inviting.

I having completed water crossing on one side, maybe got a little over confident and well… l

DND 101 CJ3B Stuck


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Slush Fest: NIOC OTR at DND 17th Nov 2010 – Part I

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

As the 17th of November 2010 was a holiday due to Id, so some of us from the NIOC gang thought lets get together and go for some off-roading. Having heard lots about the river bank around the DND Expressway (Delhi-Noida-Delhi Expressway) but never been at this track, this place was chosen for the the days excursion. 

Being a holiday we guys took it easy and started the OTR around 11am ish.

 OTR 2010  November 17 DND8

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4guna4 – The Man Made Trail

November 1, 2010 3 comments

From the Nature Trail we made our way back to the Leisure Valley Grounds for the IInd part of the event. The Man Made Challenges.

This part consisted of several challenges like rock boulders, Inclines, mud pits, articulation challenge, etc.

Again as at the Nature Trail, the objective here too was simple

To complete the various challenges in the least possible time with the least amount of penalties.  There were track marshals or officials posted at the start of the challenge and the end of the challenge and if the obstacle was long couple of marshals were in the middle of the challenge. The co-driver had the option of either sitting inside the vehicle or guide his driver from outside. However if the co-driver/ navigator decided to sit inside the vehicle, they were not allowed to exit the vehicle before the challenge was complete.

4guna4 - Man made Trail1

Our famous SLS (Sardar Laxman Singh) in his jeep.

4guna4 - Man made Trail


As can be easily seen from the above set of pictures this challenge was not an easy one. This can further be seen from the attached video



In the following video it is Rahul Roy in his Force Gurkha  at the articulation challenge and then at the log challenge. 

In the following video its Ashish Bhatia in his trusted BUSHRANGER at the articulation challenge

The event was not fun and games for just the off-roaders. The kids and other participants were seen having a good time too. In the following picture while some can be seen talking serious business and other can be seen having a good time at the rope walk. Kids at the same time decided to have a good time of their own and decided to get the best seat in the house.

4guna4 - Man made Trail2

There was this one challenge, I think the camel’s back. While all other vehicles cleared it easily. This one vehicle a Suzuki Grand Vitara beached at the top of the obstacle. Being a novice I am not sure whether this was because of the low ground clearance as the vehicle was prepped up for Extreme Rallying. Here’s a picture

4guna4 - Man made Trail3

Here are some videos of a Gypsy at the Camels Back and the NISSAN PATROL at another

Then there was this one challenge ‘The ROCK or BOULDER SECTION’. On the face of it, the challenge looked really difficult. But if properly negotiated, it wasn’t as difficult at it was appearing in person

Then again doing the challenge, is one thing, but ROCKING THE ROCK CHALLENGE IS ANOTHER.

This is demonstrated by our own BOBBIE BHOGAL


Another obstacle, I am not sure of the exact name, there was this huge pit and the trick was to come nose down and then attempt to come out from the other side.

I am not able to explain it in detail. Let the following pictures and videos do the talking

The following pictures are of Rahul Roy in his Gurkha and Ashish Bhatia in his Bushranger

4guna4 - Man made Trail5 4guna4 - Man made Trail4

The difficulty of of the challenge is not as evident in the above pictures but the videos are more explanatory


Then comes our own Mr.Bobbie Bhogal, in his home grown, Mayapuri marka jeep. I am not sure what vehicle this is and called by many as a JUGAAD. But I’d say that if a JUGAAD can accomplish this and makes it seem as a cake walk, Ill settle for a JUGAAD anyday.

Jokes aside, I totally agree that its not just the vehicle but the person sitting behind the wheel that makes a difference.


Now there was this one particular obstacle that was initially scrapped due to the difficulty level. But the off-roaders are a different breed all-together. Give them a challenge and utter these magic words.  THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE & CAN’T BE DONE, and watch the fun.

Then come BOBBIE in his mayapuri marka  mix and match JUGAAD Jeep or I should say that by this time the nickname UNSTOPPABLE BHOGAL is more appropriate

well… just watch the video

But again Bobbie wasn’t the only one. In the following pictures and video Madan ji can be seen in his 4000cc 6 cylinder petrol powered NISSAN Jonga and he too does the obstacle with ease

4guna4 - Man made Trail8


The following are some pictures of Keshav Malik in his MM550

4guna4 - Man made Trail6 

4guna4 - Man made Trail7


Siddharth Singh Rathore from Jaipur in is Diesel powered SWB Jeep  CJ


4guna4 - Man made Trail9

And finally last but not the least, THE UNSTOPPABLE BHOGAL giving another try at the same obstacle but from a different approach and the results… well does he do it???

See the video


Some Random pictures from the event

4guna4 - Man made Trail11


4guna4 - Man made Trail10



4guna4 Stitch A

Results & Prize Distribution

With the above picture the event came to a close and we decided to bid good byes to everyone and head home. I started to hunt for Ashish Bhatia, my co-driver so that we could move out. but in the meantime I get a call from Ashish himself.

He say “kahan par hai, jildi aajaa, near the podium”

Where are you, come fast near the podium..

Just wondering what the big issue was, I headed near the podium and Bhatia Saab had a big grin on his face and hugged me and said, “We came IInd in the extreme category”. I couldn’t believe my ears and was like “WHAT!!!” It can’t be, but it was true. Saw the results for myself


I was over joyed and simply spell bound. I had no words to express my excitement. But all in all, it was a wonderful event and I enjoyed it to the last moment.


So finally, I finish the photologue of the event with the following prize distribution pictures.

XTREME IInd Runner’s Up

Rahul Roy & Anu Roy

Prize Distribution

XTREME 1st Runner’s Up

Ashish Bhatia & Harjeev Chadha

Prize Distribution1


Bobbie The Unstoppable Bhogal & Shammi Chadha

Prize Distribution2


1st Sunny Sidhu/ Rohit Micheal

2nd Gaurav Bharadwaj & Rishi Kapoor

3rd Harjeet Grewal & Harjot Singh

Prize Distribution4

Final Parting Shots

Prize Distribution3


Thanks and cheers

Harjeev Singh Chadha

4guna4 – A Photologue-II – Nature Trail

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Continuing the previous post, from the meetup point at leisure valley we headed through Gurgaon to the Behrampur Trail. As we guys had done countless OTR’s at this trail, I was thinking that accha to thik hai, aisa bhi kaya different hooga (Its ok, we’ve been here countless times, what would be so different this time). But I wasn’t more wrong. I guess that doing the same obstacle again is ok, but doing the same obstacle with this thought floating in your mind that the other competitors would be a couple of seconds ahead of you, or if you hurry up a little you could just gain that crucial couple of seconds that matter in the end. Will this changes the whole equation.

I guess that this is was Time, Speed & Distance (TSD) is all about. Not breaking you vehicle, and still trying to keep ahead of competition at all times.

So continuing with the story, When we reached the trail the participants were allowed a walk through through the trail. So here are a couple of pictures and a video of us inspecting the trail

Walking the track and in the meantime the officials were also marking the path to be taken by the competitors (the yellow ribbon in the back ground)


Our very own Laxman Vishwanathan, addressed by all of us as SLS (Sardar Laxman Singh) trying his hands, actually his 4×4, on the trail

Some more pics



Shashank, Adi & AnuIMG_4369

Same order as above with the addition of Rahul at the extreme right

Some pictures of the BUSHRANGER being driven by Ashish Bhatia


IMG_4370 IMG_4371

The point where I was standing was at the end point of the trail. Now to think of it, I wished that I had created a GPS track of the trail and posted it here. This way it would have been a lot easier to explain the track. Anyways I would try next time.

Here are a couple of videos from the end point capturing the participants negotiating the last obstacle.

I am really sorry I do not remember the name of the participant.

If you are reading this, please mail me and I will edit the post

Randeep Singh in his gypsy

Arjun Khanna at the start of the first obstacle. Looking at this picture I cant comment, what is bigger the size of the tyres or his biceps


This is after finishing the first obstacle


The 1st Obstacle was completed fastest by Bobbie Bhogal co-driver Shammi Chadha with a lap time of 1 minute and 30 seconds in a CJ3B powered by a 1.8 Petrol Isuzu Engine


From here on we headed out to the second obstacle. Here too we guys were allowed a customary walk through through the track. This involved crossing the lake for a couple of hundred meters and then navigating through thick undergrowth and finishing the obstacle trying to save your vehicle from huge big boulders.



Competitors after finishing the course, comparing their lap times and discussing…well cars, jeeps, vehicles, what would have been the best way to negotiate the challenge


From left (Anu Roy, Rahul Roy, Ashish Bhatia, Behind Ashish Shashank Sekhar, Philip with his back to the camera, Arjun Khanna (no need to identify him just look for the guy with the biggest biceps :-))

I am again sorry I do not remember the name of the guy extreme right. Please mail me and I will edit the picture

Another picture. Standing position is the same as above


Some videos of the above lake obstacle. Again as I was at the exit, I do not have any videos of pics of vehicles crossing the lake


Arjun in his Zuk

Dhruv in his Gypsy

Rahul Roy in his Force Gurkha


The 2nd Obstacle was a tie between Ashish Bhatia co-driver Harjeev Chadha and Rahul Roy co-driver Anu Roy with a lap time of 1 minute and 15 seconds in a 1.3 Maruti Gypsy and a Force Motors Gurkha respectively.

So after finishing the trail we were headed out back to Leisure Valley to complete the Man Made Trail.  Enroute we met with the SUV group trying their hands at the SUV obstacle

Some pictures



 IMG_4389IMG_4390 IMG_4388

The time now was 30 minutes past 12 we proceeded our way to the start-up point. I was thinking that this was it and it had been so much fun, but the real thing was yet to come-up.

Please remain tuned in for the next update

4guna4 – A photologue – Part I

October 25, 2010 4 comments

This sunday the 24th of October 2010, I attended an event and as the title says it all, the 4guna4, translated in English 4×4 or four wheel drive or a fun filled, all day event.

Its not that I have never attended any  4×4 event previously, I must have attends countless of them but this time it was different. Me and Ashish Bhatia were here today not as mere spectators or as officials but as participants. We couldn’t believe it ourselves but just a couple of days before the event we decided that lets participate and have fun. So it was Ashish as the designated driver and myself as the navigator, mustered the courage and decided to go for it.

Now I am not much of a writer, so I will just write narrations and let the pictures and videos do the talking.

A little more about the event. This event was organised by none other than Northern Motorsports. The name Northern Motorsports shouldn’t be new for anyone who’s even slightly familiar with motorsport’s in India but for the less aware here a brief intro

In 2001 a team of well known automotive enthusiasts, some with over 30 years experience in motorsport, came together to form an Association with the objective of revitalizing motor sport in India.

Today, over 20 events later northern motorsport is the leading motorsport organization in North India, organising highly technical National Championship events and Rallies like the “Rally of the North” and the “Rally Desert Storm”, India’s first international cross country rally.

More info can be had from their website

and their Facebook page

Northern Motorsports on Facebook

We were at the event location the Leisure Valley Grounds, Gurgaon at 7am

Here’s a picture from far end of the grounds


The lineup of the vehicles, participants affixing stickers, meeting, greeting each other etc.

IMG_4342 IMG_4340


The organisers explaining the rules and regulations, details on how the event will be carried out, penalty system, safety points, etc



Another picture

stitch 1

After this all the participants started to line up and get prepared for the start of the event.

I do not remember the exact count but I believe that the number of participants was around 30+ vehicles with all the vehicles competing in two categories. The Extreme and the SUV.

The event was being organised in two parts and half of the vehicles were sent to complete the nature trail while the remaining set of vehicles competed at the Man Made Trail

  • The Man Made Trail
  • Nature Trail

Further the above were also broken into further sub sections and each section was to be completed in a specific amount of time, with the least amount of penalty. If the participant got stuck or was not able to complete any obstacle there was a rescue team on standby.

So  below are some pictures of the participants at the line-up

Some were just having a nice stroll


While some watched the organising team try hard in getting everything inline and maintaining the time schedule


Some checked their vehicles IMG_4352

Others were all set to go


While some just stood there and happily posed for the shutterIMG_4354

Me and Ashish were part of the group that was suppose to compete the Nature Trail first. Around 9AM is were out of the Leisure Valley grounds and waited for all the participants, officials to come along and get set to go.






This is the end of the first set of pictures. I will update the next set of pictures and videos soon.

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