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Toyota Landcruiser- Fuel Efficiency(FE) Update after the FIP Overhaul & Uneven Tyre Wear

December 24, 2011 3 comments

Post the Overhaul of the Fuel Injection Pump FIP and changing the Injection Nozzles I was eager to gauge the Fuel Efficiency (FE) of the vehicle. Since the Overhaul I have driven the vehicle for an approx distance of 2100 Kms which I think is a good measure for gauging the FE. I have measured the FE on a tank full to tank full basis. Further during this period I did a out station trip of 1062 KMs from Delhi- Jaipur-(off-roading 150kms) Sawai Madhopur- Delhi and the rest was 1 trip Del- Bhiwadi- Neemrana- Delhi (approx 300 Kms) 3 trips Delhi- Bhiwadi- Delhi (approx 190 KMS each) and rest local city driving.

  • On the Highway run (Jaipur & Sawai Madhopur) I was averaging speeds of 110-130 KMPH and did off-roading of 125-150 kms. This run gave me a FE of 7.96 KM/ Liter.
  • During the second round of driving I was averaging speeds of 80-90 KMPH and the TLC returned a FE of 9.95 KM/Liter.

Prior to the FIP overhaul the TLC was returning a FE of 7.00-7.50 KM/Liter with the best and worst being 8.35 and 6.90 KM/Liter. Therefore I think that the work has been satisfactorily done, but would still keep an eye out and would base my judgment once I’ve completed 5000 KMS post the overhaul.

Uneven Tyre wear

Another issue that has now cropped up is uneven tyre wear on the rear tyres. As can be seen from the enclosed pictures both the rear tyres are showing signs of uneven  wear, which is to say that the rear left has uneven wear on the Left and same for the rear right which is wearing off from the right hand side. I am clueless as to what this issue might be. Have asked around in my friend circle and also on some Toyota Landcruiser Forums. The latter attribute this to low tyre pressure. I generally keep the tyre pressure at 30PSI on all 4 and they say that it should be atleast 38 PSI. My friends and also the workshop manager at Lakozy Toyota attribute this to the suspension and particularly to the suspension bushes. Have got the alignment and balancing of the vehicle checked regularly. Still working out the cause of this problem and hope to find a solution soon. These tyres were bought by me IInd hand and the previous owner had used them for an approx of 5K kms and since then I’ve used them for 20K Kms. The manufacturing date on the tyres are 3rd quarter of 2009.

Hoping to find a solution soon.


Rear Right Tyre



Rear Right TyreIMG_20111217_115958


Rear Right Tyre



Rear Left TyreIMG_20111217_120247

Landcruiser’s Diesel Fuel Injection Pump- Final Update

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Received the vehicle back from the workshop a couple of days back. the Fuel Injection Pump(FIP) has been overhauled and the Nozzles replaced.

The final bill came to a whooping Rs.40,120.00. I was expecting somewhere around 25K, however I had not anticipated the that the nozzles would be expensive. Along with the nozzles the next most expensive part is the FIP repair kit.

The feel and drive of the vehicle has definitely changed for the better and the smoke from the exhaust is also considerably less. I had done the tankful, and since then the vehicle has covered approximately 300 kms. Will do the next refill tomorrow and gauge the Fuel Efficiency.


Copy of the Invoice

129284 Lakozy Bill fuel Pump Overhaul & Nozzles Change Blog

Landcruiser’s Diesel Fuel Injection Pump- Update

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Went to the workshop a couple of days back and they have manage to source the Nozzles for the fuel Pump. I was fearing the if the nozzles were not available locally then the vehicle would have to be in the workshop for atleast the next few weeks as the new nozzles would have to be ordered from abroad. The fuel pump too has also been Overhauled and I expect that I should be getting the vehicle back within a couple of days. 

They had just received the pump back from the Pump Repair guy and I managed to click some pictures. Pardon me the bad quality of the pictures but these were the only ones I could manage from my phone camera. The make of the pump (though not visible in the pictures) is Denso.

Fuel Pump after Overhaul

IMG_20111119_160445   IMG_20111119_160627

The Nozzles


IMG_20111119_160541   IMG_20111119_160632

Landcruiser’s Diesel Fuel Pump needs to be recalibrated, again

November 13, 2011 2 comments

Barely after driving the vehicle for a little less than 18K Kms after getting the Diesel Fuel Pump re-calibration done, I feel that it needs to be done again.
The reason for this is as follows

Firstly the FE of the vehicle has gone down drastically. Earlier (before the RE-CALIBRATION) the TLC used to give me a FE of 8.5, city driving,  to sometimes even 9.5-9.75 on the highways) . Now the FE is barely 7-7.25 KMPH.

Second reason is that earlier under hard acceleration there used to be very little to no black smoke from the exhaust. Now even on idle there is black smoke emitting from the vehicle. This can clearly be seen from the naked eye. On hard acceleration the vehicle smokes like a chimney. So this can’t be good. Under idle, when one stands at the back of the vehicle, you can feel the unburnt diesel on your eyes.

So these two reasons were enough for me to send the vehicle for the re calibration. Gave it yesterday at Lakozy Toyota at Okhla Industrial Area. They said that I can expect the vehicle back in a weeks time. Will try to keep the developments posted on the blog.
The ODO meter now reads 1292XX Kms.

PS. Uploading this post from my Android device. If I seem to get the hang of it, I will try to be more regular with uploads.

Toyota Landcruiser – Maintenance Update VIII – (111813 Kms)

March 16, 2011 Leave a comment

111813 Kms on February 15, 2011

Post this update the the maintenance log is upto date.

As I had to go for the Desert Storm 2011 I started to drive the vehicle quite extensively and since the last service interval I drove the vehicle for a shade under 1000 kms. And am glad that I did. The issues that cropped up during this period were

  • The Fuel pump had started leaking diesel, and started to leak quite a lot
  • The Head Lamps went kaput, in a span of 10 days. Actually the low beam was working but on switching on the high beams the vehicle was not giving any power on the high beams.
  • IMG_9004IMG_9047 IMG_9052

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