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Goa Road Trip- Drive from Goa- Mumbai- Udaipur- Delhi

July 30, 2012 3 comments

Goa-Mumbai 23rdMarch2012

It was 23rd or March 2012 and was time for us to head back for New Delhi Via Mumbai and Udaipur. The earlier plan was that we’ll go to Mumbai via NH17 and take a night halt at Tarkarli, I had spent weeks preparing the GPS Tracks for that area, planning the routes with the help of HV Kumar sir, however this plan was shelved at he had already been about a week since we’d left home and the children were not up to it. Me too personally had developed an inkling that it was time to head back and maybe leave Tarkarli for a later time. The homework’s been done and the trip is surely on the cards for a later date.

Taking a final look at the place we started our 2200 Kms return journey to New Delhi at approx 826AM.

Ramada Carvela, Main Building

IMG_4269-72 Panorama copy

The Land Cruiser and its occupants at Ramada’s main entrance

IMG_4276 copy

Distance to Mumbai from Panaji

IMG_4280 copy

We made good time and cover 85kms were at the Mumbai Goa Border in a little less than 2 hours. Crossed the Goa Border Check Point with no issues but at the Maharashtra Check Point/ Excise Post, it was a different story. At this place I was asked to park my car and come out for inspection. This was about 7 Kms after the Goa Check Point so now I’m thinking that it can’t be the border post and must be the Excise Check Point.


Bengaluru to Delhi : Epilogue

February 2, 2011 4 comments

So finally the trip of a lifetime came to an end and I am glad that I could complete it though I can’t say without any hassles but I am glad to say god was kind enough to given me the strength to manage them.


Further I’d say that though this trip has ended I wish that saga of life long, long distance travelling trips has just begun.
On this note I wrap this travelogue up.



Here is the screen shot of the drive that I undertook.

Map Bangalore to Delhi Aug2010



BAngalore to Delhi GPS GARMIN milage IMG_3963

The final ODO reading is of the complete trip whereas the rest of the readings are for the final day’s drive from Jaipur to Delhi


The statistics of the trip are as follows

I got the fuel filled up at Manesar, Haryana so I have the FE statistics till that point
Total Distance : 2426kms
Total Fuel : 282.01 liters
Total Cost : Rs.11,122.00 (Average cost of Rs.39.44 per liter)
FE : 8.60 KM/ Ltr
Cost per KM : Rs.4.59 / km


Final collage Buying and Drive from Bangalore to Delhi

Bengaluru to Delhi : Trip Log- Day II – Pune to ???

January 30, 2011 11 comments

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Day II
31st August 2010
Today I decided to treat myself and instead of setting the alarm for 4 I set the alarm for a little later and was out of the hotel by 530 and on the Mumbai Pune expressway.
Now let me warn everybody that the initial enthusiasm was dying down a little so the pictures will be a little less. Anyways I crossed the Pune Mumbai expressway and the moment I entered Mumbai my navigation skill went for a toss. I am not sure where I made a mistake and still cannot recall the name of those part of the towns but I think that I entered Mumbai around 8 and left Mumbai Ghodbander (I hope I have the name of the area correct) around 1130ish. So 3 hours and 30 minutes. But hey as this was my first time driving in Mumbai I guess that it was OK. During this time I could hear that a couple of flights also got delayed due to the heavy rains that lashed Mumbai during that day. So I guess that its just one of those day. Also I filled up the tank I think 80 liters of diesel only to see later that diesel is a little cheaper in Gujarat than Mumbai.


I do not know what wrong turn I took, here is a detailed GPS track of the route that I took while entering and leaving Mumbai


20100831 Mumbai to Navsari GPS Track on Google Maps Got stuck

And here is the GPS track from the moment I entered Thane till I exited Mumbai

20100831 Mumbai to Navsari GPS Track on Google Maps


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