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Road Trip- PROLOGUE – Delhi- Jaipur- Ahmedabad- Mumbai- Goa- Tarkarli- Mumbai- Udaipur- Delhi

March 15, 2012 11 comments

Hey all

I would be starting my road trip tomorrow and broadly the planned night stays for the trip are as follows

Delhi- Jaipur- Ahmedabad- Mumbai- Goa- Tarkarli- Mumbai- Udaipur- Delhi

I’ve made confirmed booking at the following places

Hotel Amer View, Jaipur

Karnavati Club, Ahmedabad

Ramada Carvela Beach Resort, Varca, South Goa

In Tarkarli I would be scouting for a Hotel or a guest house when I get there and same would be for Udaipur.

I would sincerely like to thank HV Kumar of HV Kumar – Fan, Forum & Message Board and all the members of the above FB Group who have been really helpful in providing me the detailed road book and help me plan this adventure right from the start. Thanks a lot sir(s).

As always I would be driving my Toyota Landcruiser on this trip and by the looks of it the total trip would work out to be over 4200 Kms. I plan to be back by the 27th or 28th of March 2012. Many people may ask why Goa and some of them may even ask why by road especially when air tickets are available little over of what I may spend on fuel costs. Well I’ve always been travelling by air since long and a package deal just doesn’t cut for me anymore and I feel that the adventure is missing in such a thing. Additionally I feel that if someone wants to see the real India, it can only be done when we are on ground. I am not against air travel but I feel that its more fun like this. Last year I did Delhi- Sasan Gir- Diu- Delhi and enjoyed every bit of it. Here’s the link to that


The following is just a broad guide to the route that I plan to take and it may differ from the actual route, especially the in/ and out of Mumbai and from Goa- Tarkarli- Mumbai from the route that’s been depicted in the following link. This link is just to give a broad overview on the route. Once I’ve completed the trip, I would be sharing the triplogs and GPX tracks for the entire trip.

Link to the route that I have planned to take.

Complete Travel Map



Delhi- Ahmedabad- Sasan Gir- Diu- Udaipur- Delhi, Road Trip Summary

November 25, 2011 4 comments

Its been almost 9 months since I completed my trip of Rajasthan and Gujarat, but I feel that’s its never to late to share. Since long I’d been longing to travel to Gujarat, though on this trip I visited only one part of Gujarat which is to say Sasan Gir and Diu (which technically speaking is not even in Gujarat  but a Union Territory).

In this post I would share the route I took along with the maps, distance charts and time taken for traveling. Also I would try to share the trip log in detail along with the pictures in my  future posts.

After traveling almost 1500 Kms from Delhi I just couldn’t resist the urge of clicking the following picture. This first view of the sea side is forever etched in my memory and I remember the moment like it was yesterday.

IMG_0442 Landcruiser Diu Sea Side blog

We started the trip from Delhi at approximately 4AM on the 19th of March 2011 and culminated the journey on 26th March 2011 at 11:15PM

Day I 19th March 2011

Delhi to Ahmedabad 946KMS

18 Hours 10 Mins


MAP 2011 March 19 - DAY 1 DEL-AHD

Day II :20th March 2011

Ahmedabad to Gir 383 KMS (7 Hours 10 Mins)

MAP 2011 March 20 Day 2 AHD-GIR

Day III 21st March 2011

Gir-Gir 12 KMS


Day IV 22nd March 2011

Gir-Diu 128KMS (3 Hours 27 Mins)

MAP 2011 March 22 - DAY 4 GIR-DIU

Day V & VI 23rd & 24th March 2011

Diu-Diu 31Kms

Day VII 25th March 2011

Diu- Udaipur 664 Kms (12 Hours 50 Minutes)


MAP 2011 March 25 - DAY 7 DIR-UDPR

Day VIII 26th March 2011

Udaipur – Delhi 675 Kms (11 Hours 53 minutes)

MAP 2011 March 26 - DAY 8 UDPR-DEL

Total Distance Travelled in 8 Days is 2839 Kms

Total Fuel (Diesel) Consumed 383.13 Liters

Average Cost of Fuel (average) Rs.40.68 per Liter

Fuel Economy 7.41 KM per Liter & Rs.5.49 per KM

Having the opportunity of driving across 5 states and enjoying it with your family PRICELESS

Mahindra Great Escape, The Original Trail

September 7, 2011 4 comments

The first set of pictures for the OTR event organised by Northern Motorsports to show the original trail which was shortlisted but had to be abandoned owing to the difficulty, for the Mahindra Great Escape, Delhi

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Finally the Gypsy come’s home

June 6, 2011 13 comments

I bought the vehicle (if it could be called a vehicle, as the state it was in) in the 1st week of December 2010. This was exactly 6 months after I sold my 2006 MPFI Gypsy last June. When I sold the gypsy in June I thought that I wouldn’t buy another one, Ever. And this is when I remember being told by a friend “Bappe, Whatever you do, I know that you would buy a Gypsy in the next 6 months”. Its believed that predictions don’t come true, but in my case, it surely did. Now 6 months after I bought this vehicle, which WAS, as friends termed it, “A RUST BUCKET” now stands totally transformed.


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Toyota Landcruiser -21000 kms 9 month ownership review

June 3, 2011 1 comment

I’ve had a vehicle for a little less than 9 months and I thought that a long term ownership review is in order.
The vehicle has covered a shade under 21k kms. Of this the notable drives have been

  • Bangalore-Delhi 2500kms
  • Delhi -Bhuj- Phokhran- Bikaner-Delhi 3900kms (Desert Storm 2011)
  • Delhi-Ahmedabad- Sasan Gir – Diu -Udaipur- $delhi 3000kms
  • Delhi -Corbett NP – Delhi
  • Delhi-Hoshiarpur-Delhi
  • Del-Ludhiana-Del (2-3 trips)
  • Delhi- Amritsar – Delhi 2 trips
  • Del – Jallander – Delhi
  • Delhi Tordi (Nr Ajmer) – Del
  • And some other I am not remembering
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Gypsy- Work in Progress III (WIP-III)

April 27, 2011 2 comments

Now when the body was removed from the chassis and the pictures of the preparation of the chassis were uploaded in the previous posts the big task of the battered body work are in enclosed in this update.

Also to be noted that thought I am updating the entire set of pictures in one post, this entire job took well over 2 whole months to complete. Part of the delay was that we all got busy in Desert Storm 2011 in which, naturally everyone was involved. Anyways better late than never.

The condition of the underbody…

Under body Repair

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Gypsy WIP–II (work in progress)

April 21, 2011 2 comments

Continuing with the previous post

Now that the engine + Gearbox + Transfer case had been sourced, time had come to pay attention to the body or as many of my friends had begin to call it “The Rust Bucket”.

I was even suggested to replace the whole body tub, but I wanted to restore this vehicle only. I believe that anything with metal can be put back together and I would definitely try with this one. From the past couple of post I have been repeating myself that the body was very rusted and that there are holes in the tubs, etc etc.

Here are pictures of the body tub

101 Body Rusted

And the condition of the tub

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