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Toyota Landcruiser–10K Kms Update Odometer (155000 Kms)

March 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Its that time of the year now when the summer vacations of the children start and we are planning another holiday or a Driving Vacation as I like to call it. I would be writing another blog post soon on where we will be visiting this time of the year but for now I will post the mechanical maintenance that I’ve performed on the vehicle in the last 10K Kms. The Odometer now reads 155000 Kms and there a lot that I’ve done on the vehicle in this time.


I bought another Alloy Rim and now after the disastrous experience of me bursting 2 tyres within 24 hours I always carry 2 spare tyres with myself.

To read about the tyre burst incident click here

The new alloy wheel and testing that on the vehicle. Now this new bling alloy is doing a duty as a spare tyre in the boot.



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Some Off-Roading Videos from past OTR’s

March 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Some off-roading videos from past OTR’s

Curtsey Rahul Roy

Gypsy at the climb, Tijara, Rajasthan


CJ3B negotiates the rut. DND, Noida, Delhi

Harjeev crosses the slush and makes it look easy



Harjeev takes the fodder for buffalo

Down the incline



Trying to get the CJ3B out of the rut




CJ3B on the incline after the Gypy


Another video of Slush crossing

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Mahindra Great Escape, The Original Trail

September 7, 2011 4 comments

The first set of pictures for the OTR event organised by Northern Motorsports to show the original trail which was shortlisted but had to be abandoned owing to the difficulty, for the Mahindra Great Escape, Delhi

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My MM550, In its new Avatar happy with its new owner

February 12, 2011 5 comments

Hey guys,

As many would know that the 1st off-road vehicle that I had bought and restored was a Mahindra & Mahindra MM550. Threads are all over this blog under the MM550 section.

Anyways the new owner that I sold the vehicle to, has done a complete restoration himself and practically rebuild the vehicle from all over again.

I recently received an email from him with pictures and a brief writeup on the work that he’s done on the vehicle. So the first thing that I thought was to share it with everyone.

Thanks a lot to the new owner for sharing these pictures and giving me permission to share it with the community.

MM550 Collage - Copy

Please click the link to continue reading

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The Greyhound – Ex-Army MM550 in its new avatar

September 29, 2010 3 comments

The following vehicle is owned by Randeep Singh and details of the vehicle in his words

The Steed…

Randeep Grey Hound 1

The work on my jeep has been conducted at my Uncle’s state of the art garage in Jaipur which is one of the most prominent garages in this part of the country. This garage specializes in restoration of Classics and Vintage Vehicles and I had to literally pester my Uncle to take on the project


Some details on the work done:

The Jeeps body and chassis has been modified/extended to look identical to my uncles 89 Jeep Wrangler. Body parts of the Wrangler were used to replicate body parts for my Jeep throughout the restoration.

Chassis has been extended by 5” using the bolt-on extension by Mahindra. The differential was moved forward to give it an extended wheel base.
The body tub’s side wall has been raised by 2.5” and half cut doors were customized similar to that of the wranglers. The windscreen has been lowered and tapered inwards. Bonnet has been extended by 4” to retail the wranglers long nose.
The jeep’s gone through complete denting and painting. Leaving the chassis all parts have been sprayed with acrylic putty and later sand blasted. Final coat sprayed is ICI Auto Paints P.U. The finish is semi matt, 60% gloss and 40% matt.

Bolero dashboard fitted. No vibrations and is rock solid. Fronts seats are of a Nissan sedan. Upholstery is top of the line and has a leather like feel to it. Front and rear customized mats.
Power Plant:

Engine is an Isuzu 2.4 Turbo charged diesel plus 5 speed gear box and 4WD transfer case. This engine, gearbox and transfer case combo itself cost me 65-70 grands and is a very capable piece of engineering.The engine has been cleaned/serviced. All metal pipes have been nickel plated. Fuel pump has been overhauled and re-calibrated. Alternator and self have been serviced.
Koyo power steering has been fitted after servicing. It performs well and there are no leakages whatsoever.Not to mention that the power steering has been fixed inside the bonnet/ hood area and not on the front bumper.

Maxxis Big horn (275/70/R16’s) mud terrain tyres with HR 16” rims.The rims & tyres cost me 68k for the complete set.

Pictures of the vehicle

Randeep Grey Hound 200620103292 Randeep Grey Hound 230620103294

The vehicle is also performing extremely well on OTR and I am using it as a daily driver in the city too. The road worthiness of the vehicle can be judged from the countless trips we have done from Delhi to Hissar (my native place) and the vehicle is extremely stable on highways, with raw amounts of power at the disposal of the driver. I am proud to say that it can be driven anywhere in India with the start of the key.
Also the preparation of the vehicle took almost a year and has been done under the personal supervision of my uncle.
The price that I’ve demanded is just the cost I have incurred on the vehicle. This doesn’t even cover my out of pocket expenses not to mention the countless phone calls and visits to Jaipur.
The best part of the vehicle is that registration. It is a RJ14, registered in Jaipur and not somewhere like Zira in Punjab, which to be frank is a little shoddy. My registration is 100% genuine and can be verified and transferred very easily.

Interior Pictures

Randeep Grey Hound 071120091751 Randeep Grey Hound 071120091753

The gear lever in the above picture shows that the gear configuration in 4Fwd and 1 Rev. The knob is wrong and in actual the vehicle has 5 Fwd and 1 Rev

Click this link for my thread on TeamBHP

A personal note:

Another thing that I would like to add here is that as far as the vehicle is concerned, all the details, the good and especially the bad have been documented in real time in the above thread,  on Teambhp. So there will be no hidden surprises to whosoever buys the vehicle as the history of the vehicle is an open book for everyone to see and observe and take an opinion on.  Secondly many of the decisions while the vehicle was being built were taken from the heart with the intention that i’ll be keeping this forever, so even if we were to leave aside the money spent on her for for one sec, the hardwork, patience, etc  that had gone into this vehicle can’t ever be compared to the countless chop shop jobs that we see in areas like Mayapuri, Mandi Dabwali or Moga.

Water crossings, river crossings, steep inclines, you name it and its a cakewalk for this jeep

Here are a couple of sample pictures

Randeep IMG_2988


Contact Details

Randeep Singh

+91 9582800008

Expected Price 380,000 INR

Reason for selling: Already have a few other Jeeps that I need to restore.

Went to recce to a new track

July 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Some Videos of us guys at a recent reccee for a new track on July 17, 2010

Ashish Bhatia’s Bushranger!!
a really capable machine

Finally I’ll Leave you with some pics of the reccee!!!

Photos by Harjeev, Jul 20, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ashish Bhatia’s BUSHRANGER

July 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Some Videos of us guys at a recent reccee for a new track on July 17, 2010

Ashish Bhatia’s Bushranger!!
a really capable machine

Finally I’ll Leave you with some pics of the reccee!!!

All about Diff Ratios 4.27, 4.88, 5.38 etc etc etc

July 15, 2010 1 comment

Hey all
This thing is quite confusing for me as well, so I thought that I might as well share some information that I am still trying to understand, for the benefit of all.
I would at present just tabulate the info as and when I get my hands on it and later on I might put it properly.
Most of the info is from teambhp and I would also be posting the relevant link along with the information I update
Also to note is that I would be changing, editing the info on this page from time to time. Therefore overtime the information on this page might change

The difs can be 5.38, 4.88, 4.22, etc

5.38 gives max torque and lower speed.
4.27 gives less torque and more speed comparatively.

Now, your 4.88 is a perfect compromise for speed and torque. However, this suitable for the OE 215/75/15 tyres which are approx 29.5″ in diameter.
Thus, for every rotation of your tyre, your axle moves 4.88 times. Or you can say that your axle needs to rotate 4.88 times to move your tyre by one revolution.
Your 31″ tyres now will cover more ground per revolution. Thus you will get more on-road speed. But, when you come to off road terrain, you will loose power since they axle has to work more to rotate the tyre and also the 31″ tyre is very heavy.

Thus, to come back to the same efficiency as the original 4.88, when you put 31″ tyres, you have to change your dif to 5.38.[/quote]


So as per the above I have checked my CJ3B and the diff ratio is 5.38 or 44:8

4.27 is 47/11 and 5.38 is 43/8.

MM540 came with 5.38:1. MM540 / MM550 with XD3P engine came with 4.88:1. Even today, Bolero SLX 4 wheel drive comes with 4.88:1 only.


Let Consider the total Toque Developed including the gearing at each wheel

For KMT-90-4WD & 4.27

(3.986 X 2.46 X 4.27 X 15.5kgm)/4 (no. of Wheels)= 162.2 Kgm per Wheel.

For KMT90-4WD & 5.38 = 204Kgm per Wheel.

The Advantage of 5.38:1 is
1) Better torque on the wheels
2) Better Crawl Speed (Slower the better)
3) compensates the Wheel Speed for taller Tyre (31″)


Hi Garrett,

New Tyre OD / Old Tyre OD X Diff-Ratio = Corrected Diff-Ratio

31/28(standard for JEEPs) X 4.88 (standard for XD3P) = 5.40:1

Any thing Lower you will Lower End grunt end and gain Top End speed.




Status update on the MM550 (RANGER)

September 13, 2009 1 comment

Status update on the MM550 (RANGER) Update as on 5th September 2009

Work on the vehicle is progressing at a slow pace. Basically the only work on the vehicle done up till now is that we have received the alternator back from the service centre after being serviced and it will be installed in a couple of days!!!
The self-starter motor was not serviced as that was local/ fake one and I decided to buy a new one instead of wasting money on the fake one.

Picture of the engine bay showing the change in direction of the air intake pipe

Starter as received from the service company

Status update on the MM550 after my visit to the workshop

August 30, 2009 2 comments

Some pictures of the work in progress at the wokshop

The radiator after cleaning/ flushing!!!

Report on the Ranger (MM550) after getting it back from the orkshop/ OTR

Received the RANGER in the evening on Friday (14th August) from the workshop.

Work done at the workshop

  • Complete Clutch system including bearings changed/ overhauled
  • Both brake cylinders changed
  • Engine and gearbox mounts changed (I always used to say that my vehicle starts and shuts off with a big jerk or jhatka!!! I guess this was the reason.
  • The rear left brake was leaking. Fixed. Whether this was leaking due to the brake cylinder or something else I wouldn’t know
  • Power steering joints on the main rod/ shaft changed
  • Oil change/ oil filter, diesel filter, air filter changed
  • Suspension set (was drooping towards the LHS by 1-1.5″)
  • Radiator was dirty, so it was flushed completely (the pictures I uploaded earlier was after the radiator was flushed)
  • Direction of the air intake pipe was changed (SK said that this way water wouldn’t go inside the engine in case of water crossing)
  • Earlier the brakes needed to be pumped twice for effective braking. Now they are as the should be

Driving impression

  • The engine sound changed completely for the better. The engine now feels and sounds more free, earlier it used to sound and fell the the engine was working under pressure or as they say “dab ke chal raha tha”
  • Brakes are now perfect.
  • The vehicle did stall a couple of times, but after I got the hang of the new clutch release it worked flawlessly. Maybe I needed some time to get used to the new release mechanism.
  • The clutch now was as good as it can be. No effort required whatsoever and I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that as good as my safari or Optra’s
  • The power steering was also working great
  • Earlier on pushing the vehicle hard i.e. ‘pedal to the metal’ the Ranger used to achieve a max speed of 80 km/hr and barely used to touch 85 km/hr now when I was driving in the morning to the OTR venue I managed to touched 90-95 km/hr. I know that this can’t be the correct reading and there has to be a speedometer error and also in OTR vehicles high speed is not the main concern. But I am trying to emphasise the fact that there is still an 11% improvement in the preformance of the engine.

During and after OTR impression/ observation/ Pending work

  • Fuel injectors need to be changed
  • Heater plugs weak. Need to be changed
  • The starter motor is giving issue and refuses to crank sometimes. Also I think that the alternator is not in the perfect of condition. the Amp meter shows that its charging all the time. And on my way back from Manesar post OTR the vehicle stalled at the toll gate and the starter got jammed, din’t crank just a loud ‘click’ and nothing. I had to push start it Thinking of getting it serviced from LUCAS!!! Will talk SK, if M&M’s markup is high then I will send it to LUCAS directly but if the charges are not much extra I will prefer to leave the vehicle at the workshop and M&M can take care of dismantling the starter and send it to LUCAS on their own. Saves me a lot of headache and running around. (the current status is the vehicle is with SK and he has sent both the starter and alternator to LUCAS)
  • Power steering still not perfect when turning. Again the fluid was leaking from the pump.
  • Lhs door rattle
  • Tyres hitting the body while articulation
  • Oil leaking from the trf case/ Gearbox
  • Oil pressure light on
  • Handbrake lever
  • Windshieldrubber lining

Current status
I sent the vehicle to Sudhir Kashyap(SK) on Tuesday the 18th August. I have taken the decision of getting the alternator and the starter motor serviced from LUCAS and SK with take care of it
We have decided to replace the power steering with a the new steering box from RANE. This I think should solve the issue of the frequent leakage from the pump!!! The p/s is not faulty as the oil only leaks at OTR’s otherwise it works perfectly. So its up for grabs!!!

I haven’t visited the workshop in two weeks and will go there maybe today evening or tomorrow and update the status.


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