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WIP update

April 19, 2011 2 comments

Hey Guys,

Something or the other has been keeping me busy over the previous week, so I couldn’t update the progress of the Gypsy . This doesn’t mean that work is not going on. On the contrary work is progressing on the vehicle at a brisk pace and I am glad to say that slowly and gradually the delivery date is inching closer.

Anyways without further delay over the course of the next couple of posts I would update the status of the vehicle and bring the thread up to date. Also the future posts would be more of pictures and small narrations as I have already written briefly on the work that I plan to do on the vehicle in this post

Link to the post


Final Collage

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Maruti Gypsy– So it begins…

April 1, 2011 5 comments

So finally after a long long pause I am back again and this time I would try to finish the gypsy post soon and try to bring it upto date as soon as possible.

Now that I had bought the vehicle and it had been transported to the workshop (Auto Attitudes) the time had come to decide on the package I wanted for my vehicle, the way I wanted it to be restored, the color scheme, the performance package, etc etc etc. Now this wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I was like standing at crossroads and talking to many people and everyone had their own advise. Someone told me to keep it stock as a MG410, while others told me that I should convert it to a MG413 carburetor. I also got advise to go for a complete Baleno setup or maybe even a bigger one.

Anyways to cut a long story short the following was decided

Collage Post after long break

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Toyota Landcruiser – Maintenance Update VIII – (111813 Kms)

March 16, 2011 Leave a comment

111813 Kms on February 15, 2011

Post this update the the maintenance log is upto date.

As I had to go for the Desert Storm 2011 I started to drive the vehicle quite extensively and since the last service interval I drove the vehicle for a shade under 1000 kms. And am glad that I did. The issues that cropped up during this period were

  • The Fuel pump had started leaking diesel, and started to leak quite a lot
  • The Head Lamps went kaput, in a span of 10 days. Actually the low beam was working but on switching on the high beams the vehicle was not giving any power on the high beams.
  • IMG_9004IMG_9047 IMG_9052

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Toyota Landcruiser – Major & Minor Maintenance Update(s) IV, V, VI & VII

March 13, 2011 Leave a comment


Post the previous service interval, I had taken the vehicle for an outstation trip to Tordi, Rajasthan for some dune bashing and off-road fun. This was a three day trip and the TLC performed remarkably well during the entire trip both on and off-road.

However there were some parts that conked off during/ after the trip and I had to replace them after I came back to Delhi. The following was the job done

110295 kms on November 22, 2010

Power Steering Pump replaced

Brake Master Cylinder replaced

Rear Differential Seal Replaced

Oil Pressure Switch (This was not working since the day I bought the vehicle)

Radiator Cap

Differential Oil

Power Steering Oil

Brake Oil



Labor Charge

Power Steering Change

Brake Master Cylinder Change

Differential Seal

Front Guard Setting


110295 kms 7591

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Finally completed 10000 Kms on the Cruiser

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment
1st 10000 kms finally done...

1st 10000 kms finally done…

Hey Guys,
I had to share this one fast. Sorry for the bad picture quality as it has been taken from my mobile phone camera.
My Cruiser has finally completed 10000 kilometers under my belt. After completing this small journey, I am still now sure whether I liked the Cruiser more when I bought it or whether I like it more now. This vehicle is growing on me and I’m simply loving…reminds me of the McDonalds tag line, but you can get a sense of the feeling
As I got the mechanical fuel pump re-calibrated, I’d taken the Cruiser for a test run to Karnal, Haryana. What was the reason for this, well? Well, I am taking the vehicle for the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm on this sunday 20th February 2011, so I wanted to check the vehicle for any faults, shortcomings, etc etc as if anything cropped up, I’d have time to sort it out.

Anyways more of that later, during this time the statistics of the vehicle are as under

Total no of Kilometers under the belt 10,132 Kms
I’ve owned the vehicle for 171 days
It has given me a Fuel Efficiency of 8.52 KM/ Liter
Total Value of Fuel Consumed Rs.45,686.90
Cost per Kilometer Rs.4.51 per Km
Total Fuel Consumed 1189.60 Liters
Average Cost of Fuel Rs.38.40 per Liter

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My MM550, In its new Avatar happy with its new owner

February 12, 2011 5 comments

Hey guys,

As many would know that the 1st off-road vehicle that I had bought and restored was a Mahindra & Mahindra MM550. Threads are all over this blog under the MM550 section.

Anyways the new owner that I sold the vehicle to, has done a complete restoration himself and practically rebuild the vehicle from all over again.

I recently received an email from him with pictures and a brief writeup on the work that he’s done on the vehicle. So the first thing that I thought was to share it with everyone.

Thanks a lot to the new owner for sharing these pictures and giving me permission to share it with the community.

MM550 Collage - Copy

Please click the link to continue reading

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Finally the Gypsy becomes mine, AGAIN….

February 9, 2011 4 comments

So continuing from the previous post,

I finally decided to go ahead and buy the vehicle, well that’s if one could call it a vehicle. Its more of a collection of rusted metal, on 4 pieces of rubber held to the body with bolts.

Still excited as I ever was I made my decision of buying this vehicle. The reason that I took this decision was

  • It was available cheap
  • It was a Delhi registered, well Faridabad registered vehicle
  • A cheap and basic vehicle gave me a good base to start and experiment on.
  • Most important of all THE VEHICLE IS IN MY NAME AND I AM THE 1ST OWNER
      Final Collage HR 51C 2088-3

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      Toyota / LandCruiser / 80 Series GXL 5-dr wagon

      February 8, 2011 2 comments

      The other day I was reading a review of the LandCruiser and found this one to be really interesting. So I though that it would be nice post it on my blog so that I could share it with everyone.

      All credit to the following goes to

      1990 Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series GXL 5-dr wagon Overview.

      This page also includes links to a full list of Toyota car reviews, Toyota model news and Toyota family tree


      1990 Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series GXL 5-dr wagon Car Review

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      Toyota LandCruiser – Maintenance Update III (108105 Kms)

      February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

      Hey Guys
      The ODO has now (as of today) crossed 111k kms and now reads approx 111030 kms .
      In the past couple of months I took the vehicle to the workshop thrice to sort out some small and big issues that are natural to crop up with the ownership of the vehicle especially when one buys a second hand or in my case a 3rd hand vehicle. Please do not misunderstand me as I am not cribbing or complaining, I am rather happy that these issues are cropping up as, as and when I am resolving these issues my vehicle is getting close to near perfection, atleast mechanically.

      This particular maintenance/ update was carried on at 108105 Kms on 09th Of November 2010.

      Collage Maintenance 111030 kms TLC 

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      Toyota LandCruiser – Maintenance Update Part II (105100 Kms)

      February 6, 2011 Leave a comment

      Fast forward to Friday 10th September 2010
      We had scheduled the work remaining the last time for today. This post you would have to excuse me for the crappy pics as I forgot to carry my camera and all pics are from the crappy phone cam!!!

      MH01 7591 Collage

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